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Supply Chain
March 2, 2017

[Event] Developping employability in supply chain logistics

The rapid evolution of technology and digital transformation has changed the way business works. Today, we see companies racing to stay ahead of the game by introducing and integrating innovative solutions into their existing systems. A supply chain is now a collaborative and strategic heart of any business, and the use of logistics has become crucial for the survival of businesses in all industries. This has paved the way for an entire new set of professions within the logistics arena.


Creating the next generation of logistics experts

The partnership between Generix Group and AFTRAL, created thanks to Euralogistic Campus, is training the employees of tomorrow by introducing them to the newest and most advanced supply chain technologies before they even hit the job market. As a main player in the supply chain eco-system, Generix Group has a great vision of the supply chain of tomorrow, as demonstrated in our own Isabelle Badoc’s recent presentation at the Campus Euralogistic. The main objective of this partnership is to help educate students on the technologies of tomorrow in order to provide them with an advantage when starting their careers in the industry. Along with this objective, the aim is also to train who will ultimately become the best specialists in the sector of transport and supply chain logistics. This is a huge advantage for any company, because they will now have the ability to hire people who have been trained on and are highly proficient in using software the company depends on. This can only help to increase flexibility, KPIs, and annual revenue, among other benefits.

WMS as a core part of student training

AFTRAL has introduced Generix Group’s WMS as a core part of its standard and advanced training programs, giving students a complete overview of how such a technology helps big players, such as Decathlon (suppression de for example). Working directly in an environment where the most advanced digital technologies are very present can only serve to greatly benefit everyone involved: today and in the future.

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