[Event] Generix Group joins KPMG on BFM business studio

Published on 12 January 2017

Generix Group
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As CEO of a mid-cap company, Jean-Charles Deconninck participated in “The Economy Decoders,” a program presented by Fabrice Lundy and broadcast live every week on BFM Business TV and Radio. This week’s topic was “Why should we count on mid-cap companies”? Joined by Olivier Jallabert, CEO of Amplitude Surgical, Jacky Lintignat, CEO of KPMG, Philippe Dewevre of Société Générale, and Guillaume Lavallade of SFR Business in a round table discussion, Jean-Charles Deconninck drew from his expertise to discuss the importance of mid-cap businesses in today’s world, and why we should keep an eye on their abilities and progress.

SMEs and mid-cap companies: a fundamental driver of the French economy

This episode of “The Economy Decoders” kicks off a 16-week campaign under the theme “Bigger and Stronger” with the objective of empowering French businesses to become, what else, bigger and stronger, which in turn will create a larger and more durable economy. We often find that the economy is only discussed in terms of politics and large businesses, especially in the midst of presidential elections, so the idea of this campaign was to bring the discussion back to SMEs and human-sized companies, which are actually a fundamental driver of the French economy. 

Jean-Charles Deconninck discusses the importance of mid-cap businesses

The episode covers the definitions and examples of a mid-cap business, including the advantages that they carry, as well as the main challenges that they face, in addition to their potential external growth and the different policies that exist to help them on the road to success. 

Jean-Charles Deconninck discussed how mid-cap businesses are continuing to create value and jobs, and that in today’s world of digital transformation there are many growth opportunities that can help companies achieve mid-cap size and status. Using Generix Group as an example, he presented the importance of taking the leap into international expansion, and cited that innovation is a major growth driver, especially for SaaS, in a world where collaboration and integration are becoming the norm. Driving a business is a very beautiful human adventure! 

You will soon be able to have a look at the main talking points that Jean-Charles Deconninck brought up during the program right here on the blog!