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January 4, 2017

Highlights of our 2016’s International expansion

Now, more than ever, businesses have the opportunity to expand their activity internationally and, moreover, to do so in a relatively speedy manner. With digital technology continuously evolving to allow for newer and easier ways to set up shop in different locations, there’s nothing to stop the world from being everyone’s oyster. One of the main challenges of an international company is the ability to maintain the same high level of client service wherever they are located in the world. Once a certain set of standards have been set, it is critical to consistently achieve the same level of standards across all locations.


Applying company best practices to new locations

During the 2016 Perspectives Day, we reviewed Generix Group’s strategic international expansion, and the significant differences between 2015 and 2016 in terms of our worldwide presence. Christophe Verdenne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, aptly mentioned that “without making an unnecessary allusion to geopolitics, it is important to state that we have managed to establish our company in the East, the West and also South America and the Middle East.” While this occupation of new space was fast-spreading, it was steady enough to allow our company to use the best practices of what we had already established in previously entered regions. We have applied our key learnings to enable a faster and more efficient rolling out of our services in new markets.

Highlights of 2016’s expansion

Highlights from the past year include our expansion in the following areas:

  •    Russia: We launched our Russian subsidiary, Generix Group Vostok, in 2016, after acquiring one of our partners there. This opens the door for many opportunities in retail and 3PL in the region. In general, Russia is a real gold mine in terms of business opportunities that we plan on continuing to explore.
  •  North America: Our acquisition of the Canadian company Sologlobe gave us access to the North American market, with Canada representing 20% of our business and the US 80%.
  •  The Middle East: Our most recent partnership is with InCube, who have their headquarters in Dubai and offices in strategic areas throughout the Middle East as well as Egypt. Often considered as the “anteroom” to the African continent, this partnership in the Middle East is a highly strategic move and allows us to pave the way to a completely new market.

Our global vision

As we continue to look towards creating more subsidiaries and partnerships throughout the world, moving into 2017 with the same frame of mind as we moved through 2016 with, our vision of global expansion remains unchanged. Our concept of international expansion manifests itself in a few different ways, but always with the same principal approaches in mind:

  • Through acquisitions, in which we embed our concepts within companies, employees, and processes, ensuring that clients have one reference framework wherever they are in the world. Our in-country subsidiaries work in exactly the same way as our home office does.
  •  Through the development of collaborative partnership networks. Our partners are the driving forces in countries where Generix Group does not have direct access. They are fully trained and supported, with access to our team in Paris at any time. The main objective is to establish high-level support in the native language of each country, in order to serve our clients equally.
  •  Through the global transformation of Generix Group’s main business processes to ensure we provide the same level of service to all our clients, wherever they may be in the world.

While we can celebrate the checking off of many milestones in 2016, we have not wasted any time in setting up a roadmap for the challenges to overcome in the coming year. We will be focusing not only on continuing to expand overseas via strategic acquisitions and partnerships, but also on ensuring that our clients can always count on exceptional service no matter where in the world they may find us.

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