[Thinglink] preparing for the implementation of a WMS

Published on 15 November 2019

Preparing for the implementation of a WMS
Senior Principal Consultant
Supply Chain

A Warehouse Management System–or WMS–is a computerized system for managing stocks that offers a steep increase in productivity. From improved visibility of human and technical resources to optimal management of logistics operations, there are more reasons to support the implementation of a WMS than can be named. But before getting started with such a procedure, major preparatory work is necessary. Generix Group experts have prepared an interactive infographic compiling the information to assist you.



Advantages to the implementation of a WMS

The implementation of a WMS offers the distinct advantage of strengthening a warehouse’s operational efficiency by offering increased visibility. A warehouse management solution’s features offer information about all operations in progress as well as those to come via all sales channels. Visibility extends to the entire supply chain and helps develop a global management strategy. 

The traceability of any product insured in this manner and survey processes following problems along the logistics chain are greatly aided along and can be quickly completed. However, WMS implementation requires a prior study detailing deployment steps. So what methodology should be adopted? What steps must be respected? Generix Group created a thinglink for additional clarity on the subject.


A thinglink to assist logistics professionals

The purpose of this interactive infographic is to give you the keys to properly implementing your very own WMS. It includes three full-fledged sections to understand each step without neglecting a single detail:

  • Analysis of requests and forecasts
  • Operation audit and site organization
  • Report and recommendation