[Interview] Interview with Christophe viry: all hands on the innovation deck

Published on 9 February 2017

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We recently interviewed Christophe Viry, Product Marketing Manager of our multi-enterprise collaboration portfolio, to learn his take on innovation in 2016 as well as the challenges he is looking forward to taking on in 2017 with Generix Group.

Let’s start off by looking at everything that has taken place over the past year. What do you see as the most stand-out opportunity in terms of innovation for Generix Group in 2016?

I think our acquisition of Sologlobe was one of the main highlights of 2016. Sologlobe brought along their own innovative solution that was created specifically to deal with supply chain challenges, and this move helped us accomplish our company target for international expansion. In terms of innovation, it isn’t really the technological advantage that I see as the highlight here, but the fact that this acquisition was a major turning point for Generix Group, as it enabled us to penetrate the North American market.

In your sector, what do you see as the innovative highlight of 2016?

We have been concentrating all of our efforts on the highly innovative Supply Chain Collaborative Network that is progressing well both in terms of functional and technical use. This is definitely a success and a major talking point when it comes to Generix Group and innovation in 2016.

In general, what do you see as the most promising technical advances of 2016?

I would have to say Technicolor’s EDI migration and advances in dematerialization over the past year.

What do you see as a key moment for your sector in 2016?

I would definitely have to say the launch of our Supply Chain Collaborative Network with its fantastic marketing campaign. It has been a very proud moment for us here at Generix Group!

In your opinion, what did not work so well for Generix Group in 2016, or at least, what could have been better?

We made some impressive deals in 2016, and started some promising partnerships, but we can do a better job on creating more sales in France as well as through our subsidiaries.

Can you tell us about a product that you would have loved to see come to fruition in 2016? 

A collaborative Order-to-Cash portal.

Let’s move on to the future, and how you would love to see 2017 shape up. What is your global vision for your sector in 2017?

The market will continue to grow and evolve, and the fusion of B2B/B2C challenges and problems is becoming all the more evident. Clients are now looking for one solution and one unique provider who can ensure seamless operation of their B2B/EDI flows, embrace new e-invoicing challenges as well as provide collaborative and accessible client/supplier portals. We are looking to stay ahead of the market in terms of innovation in order to provide our clients with the most optimal solutions for their changing demands.

What do you think will be important to invest in this year in terms of R&D?

Our main projects this year are to finalize certain components of the Supply Chain Collaborative Network, such as the network and the Purchase-to-Pay for example, to start working on Order-to-Cash and electronic catalogue solutions, and to relaunch the e-invoicing market.

And what do you think will be important to invest in this year in terms of commercial efforts?

We are kicking off the year with a focus on e-invoicing. Our solution is mature and with the market pushing hard with the introduction of Chorus Portail Pro in France, new regulatory obligations, and the end of business processing services, now is the time to grab the future by the horns.