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May 13, 2024

Lavazza chooses Generix WMS to digitize 4 warehouses in France

Generix – leading global SaaS player in supply chain, finance, commerce and collaboration –  announces that Lavazza Group has chosen Generix WMS (Warehouse Management System) to digitize the intralogistics management of four warehouses in France. Entirely managed by Generix’s Italian entity, the goal of the project is to strengthen the overall competitiveness of Lavazza Group globally, by optimizing the logistics performance and productivity.

Press release

Founded in Turin in 1895, Lavazza is an Italian coffee producer. In recent years, Lavazza Group’s export share has grown considerably, in line with the company’s international development.

In 2023, Lavazza launched a tender involving several WMS solution providers. The primary objectives were to improve goods tracking, stock visibility and flexibility in managing inbound, outbound and shipping processes, along with surface optimization and ease of integration with existing information systems, including SAP’s ERP. With the ambition of improving logistics performance across four warehouses located in France, which collectively process order preparation volumes larger than 125 thousand lines/year, Lavazza decided to select Generix’s WMS for the following reasons:

  • Rich functional scope including cutting-edge features – in addition to triangulation and slotting features – whose track record shows very significant productivity gains in terms of reduced paths (up to -50%) and increased efficiency on picking (up to +20%)
  • 100% parameterizable WMS organized by process/activity, making it possible to activate new functionalities very quickly for more flexibility, scalability, and therefore being capable of supporting the company’s long-term growth ambition
  • Speed of a cloud deployment (SaaS) combined with the possibility to create models/templates that can be easily replicated on other sites, which also helps to reduce the overall cost
  • Generix’s thirty years of experience in managing highly complex projects both in terms of volumes and processes handled as well as in deploying solutions  at global scale in multi-language contexts

The first project in the Île-de-France region has just been completed these days and the other three projects will follow closely, with the goal of go-live across all warehouses by the end of 2024.

“We are happy to announce this new collaboration with Generix, which will allow us to implement a solution that encompasses all the features we need to manage our activities, thus improving productivity and offering flexibility and scalability to support our company’s international growth and development”, commented Silvia Barbieri, Supply Chain Director at Lavazza.

“We are proud to support Lavazza in their warehouse digitization and optimization challenges. Lavazza is a long-standing customer as far as collaborative replenishment and this new project, entirely managed from Italy, demonstrates our strong expertise in WMS implementations and our ability to think globally and act locally, at the service of Lavazza excellence”, commented Loretta Chiantaretto, General Manager of Generix Italy”, commented Loretta Chiantaretto, General Manager di Generix Group Italia.


About Lavazza

Founded in Turin (Italy) in 1895, Lavazza is an Italian coffee producer, a family-owned business since four generations. The Group is today among the key players of the global coffee scenario, with a turnover of more than 3 billions of euro and a portfolio of leading brands such as Lavazza, Carte Noire, Merrild and Kicking Horse. Lavazza operates in all business segments, with locations in 140 geographical markets and 8 manufacturing plants in 5 countries. Their global footprint is the result of more than 125 years of growth and their production of over 30 billions of coffee cups per year bears witness to a great success story, that continues to offer the best coffee possible in any form, taking care of every aspect of the supply chain, from  selection of raw materials to product in the cup.

Lavazza Group revolutionized coffee culture with their continuous R&D investment: from the intuition that marked the company’s first success – the coffee blend – to the development of innovative packaging solutions; from the first espresso ever sipped in Space to dozens of industrial patents developed. An aptitude for being ahead of times that also shows in commitment to sustainability – on economic, social and environmental issues – which always inspired the company’s strategy. “Awakening a better world every morning” is Lavazza Group’s purpose, aiming to create sustainable value for shareholders, employees, consumers and the communities in which it operates, by combining competitiveness with social and environmental responsibility.



About Generix

Generix is a global SaaS company helping connect businesses together to turn each digital connection into digital value. It offers a leading portfolio of cloud solutions and services powered by AI to drive with confidence the most mission-critical digital business processes in supply chain, finance and commerce. It also provides end-to-end B2B integration and collaboration solutions so companies can fully operate across digital business networks. Nearly 1,000 Generix talents are dedicated to best serve over 5,000 customers across more than 60 countries. The company helps to process more than 17 billions messages, prepare more 600 millions pallets, manage over 500 millions invoices and more than 1 million transport operations per year. Generix believes in the immense growth potential of the networked economy in a sustainable world.

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