[News brief] AFTRAL and Generix Group: a strategical partnership for a more innovative future in logistics

Published on 13 January 2017

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AFTRAL, European leader in professional training in logistics, and Generix Group are joining their energies in a partnership to educate future professionals on logistics technologies. The end goal is to help these future and current industry leaders respond to the constantly evolving needs of French businesses. The hope is to acclimatize industry professionals as early as possible into looking towards the future of business while they are still in training. 

Removing the obstacles to innovation

Loïc Charbonnier, CEO of AFTRAL, states that “resistance to change and the absence of pertinent solutions are the two main obstacles that innovation faces in the world of business, and in particular in logistics. Which is exactly why we have decided to partner with Generix Group, so that we can teach future industry professionals about new technologies, and move past these obstacles to accelerate innovation in logistics.” Starting with training sites in Rouen and Dourges, and with plans to extend to 15 other sites in the near future, AFTRAL will integrate Generix Group’s supply chain solutions in its basic and continuous training courses.   

A mutually beneficial partnership between two companies

Jean-Charles Deconninck, CEO of Generix Group, states that “our partnership with AFTRAL is, above all, the honor of seeing our solutions used and mastered by several hundreds of thousands of students each year. It is also a way for us to continue to develop our solutions in real time by implementing feedback from these students. Moreover, it is also a way for us to test our solutions in AFTRAL’s warehouse-schools, which is a fantastic asset when you are a specialist in developing the newest cutting-edge technologies. 

Creating the workforce of the future

This partnership will enable industry professionals to perform their training using the most up-to-date and innovative technologies, helping them to become immediately operational as soon as they are ready to join the workforce. Generix Group and AFTRAL are excited about the objectives of creating more accessible and distinctive training methods in the domains of logistics and transportation. Students will receive a rich education on the uses and benefits of SaaS, which they will then pass along to their future employers, thereby aiding them to embrace the future. 

AFTRAL is a leader in Transportation and Logistics training, with over 100 specialized training centers and schools across France.