[Practical guide] The 13 key processes of collaborative platforms

Published on 5 January 2021

The 13 key processes of collaborative platforms
Christophe Viry
Product Marketing Manager
B2B Collaboration

The use of platforms is revolutionizing the Supply Chain. Fast and secure solutions, growth drivers and sources of productivity, collaborative platforms cover all multi-company electronic exchanges. Their wide functional scope also gives them the ability to manage and integrate into many processes, from purchases to reception, storage and billing. Learn about the 13 key collaborative platform processes in the practical guide.


Collaborative platforms: vital to the Supply Chain

The complexity of logistics processes, the digital transformation and the rise of the omnichannel are all realities that justify the need for companies to optimize their Supply Chain orchestration. More than useful, collaborative platforms are therefore essential in this context.

Today, the use of such a tool opens up many development opportunities for companies. These include:

  • Cost reduction, because different applications are regrouped onto a single platform;
  • Process automation, which increases employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks;
  • improving stakeholder communication, ensuring continuous access to information.

Practical Guide Summary

Generix Group experts have assembled the top 13 collaborative platform processes in this guide. The goal is to explain the role and benefits of these tools throughout the Supply Chain and for the various stakeholders involved. Collaborative platforms’ scope of action extends in particular to:

  • collaboration on sales and inventory;
  • shared supply management;
  • dispute management;
  • document sharing;
  • the flow of logistics.

Collaborative platforms are changing the relationship of players within the Supply Chain towards a more mutualized approach. This is an essential change that boosts productivity and efficiency, to face increasingly dynamic competition and meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Download our practical guide to learn more about the top 13 processes involved in collaborative platforms.