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June 16, 2021

How to achieve ROI with Digital Supply Chain Technologies


Panelists at this thought-provoking event include senior professionals from Generix Group, Barcoding Inc., and Brown’s Shoes.

We unpack 3 fundamental concepts – Automation, Integration & Execution – that are key to achieving a strong supply chain execution ROI. Also covered: tangible strategies in how best to upgrade your warehouse digital technology stack to ensure success.

Lastly, this panel discussion emphasize the importance of leveraging technologies to move beyond the challenges that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. Enabling resiliency through technology is now more than ever one of the top imperatives for leading global supply chains!

More about the 3 fundamental concepts:


Automation comes in many forms. From simple RF/Mobile devices to move away from manual paper-based process to highly integrated solutions including conveyors, AS/RS Technologies, Goods to Person Stations and AMR/AGV robotics to name a few. Each solutions ROI is calculated differently, and the selection process depends upon the overall business needs and physical environment which the automation will be implemented.


Integration is foundational within enterprise application deployment. The ability to integrate diverse solutions deployed within the supply chain network can provide significant ROI opportunities.

Visibility across diverse applications in a singular data platform can provide the necessary decisions making KPI’s and reduce the time and effort necessary to correlate data in real time. Including artificial intelligence like machine learning algorithms can synthesize diverse data and provide ever improving outputs based upon activities as they happen in virtual real time.


Execution is a critical element in today’s consumer driven market. With every increasing customer expectations and costs associated with customer acquisition, the execution against these demand needs to be flawless to ensure the customers’ expectations are met and thus the customer is retained for future business. Mobile technologies and enterprise applications employ modern user interfaces for enabling intuitive and streamlined creation and consumption of work. Automation and integration play into this area of ROI creation. With labor constraints for various reasons like low un-employment or Pandemic related impacts, the integrated automation technologies reduce the human dependencies and increase performance resilience. The integration of these systems into the supply chain network/ecosystem enables streamlined operational execution providing ROI directly through optimized execution.

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