Over the years, the SOLOCHAIN™ family of solutions has evolved to include distribution-specific processes within its core.


Each SOLOCHAIN™ solution can also be easily configured to reflect your unique distribution business rules and workflows. Explore how SOLOCHAIN streamlines the most demanding distribution market segments : 


The retail industry is experiencing a revolution in buyer behavior. These changes are having a fundamental impact on distribution operations as digital commerce has reduced the time and distance between the customer and the supply chain. Managing multiple channels from the same warehouse is a reality of today’s distribution networks. 

  • Omni-channel support and expertise 
  • Advanced distribution functions 
  • Transportation integration 
  • Order management 
  • Warehouse control system (WCS) integration


The evolution of digital commerce means that today’s consumers can generate immediate demand, impacting order fulfillment operations in real-time. You must have the ability to execute small orders quickly and accurately. Order fulfillment must be optimized and specific to the order profile, and carrier integration should be seamless.  

  • Omni-channel capability 
  • Advanced distribution functions 
  • Carrier integration 
  • Order management 
  • Advanced returns functions 
  • Warehouse control system (WCS) integration


The expectations that firms place on their 3PL providers and services are changing. Clients are demanding that their 3PL providers deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions that provide significant financial and operational performance improvements. Core 3PL product and service offerings are being commoditized and—to be competitive—must focus on value-added offerings that differentiate themselves from the competition. 3PL providers must be responsive to the rapid changes inherent in logistics and supply chain environments. SOLOCHAIN™provides the right tools to make 3PL providers leaders in their fields. 

  • Third-party integrated billing 
  • Advanced value-services module (kitting, QA, repacking, labelling) 
  • Advanced configurable warehouse functions 
  • Multi-ownership (public warehouse)