Generix Group’s Warehouse Management Solutions

Take your warehouse to a whole new level with our powerful Generix WMS and SOLOCHAIN WMS solutions.

warehouse management solutions

Generix Group provides two distinct WMS solutions: Generix WMS and SOLOCHAIN WMS. Both solutions cover the entire spectrum of warehouse management needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and 3PLs and can easily scale to any level of warehouse automation

The richness of our two 2 solutions stems from the "core" and "extended" functionalities that they provide, as well as their high adaptability to connect to all the technologies that bring efficiencies to your operatorations.

In reference to Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Warehouse Management Systems [a warehouse stratification model based on warehouses’ operational complexity and sophistication] Generix WMS is used most often in Level 3 to Level 5 warehouse operations and supports its clients in all types of warehouses, especially those that deploy the solution globally.

Where SOLOCHAIN WMS is used most often in Level 2 and Level 3 warehouse operations but can also scale to Level 4 operations.

Our warehouse solutions meet all your supply chain challenges including globalization of operations, ensuring a high level of flexibility, and a strong return-on-investment (ROI). Generix WMS and SOLOCHAIN WMS are ranked in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021, for the 3rd year in a row.

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Generix WMS 

If you want to offer standout logistics service and quickly benefit from a top-performing warehouse management tool that lets you collaborate with your customers, the Generix Group Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) is just what you need.

Main Assets:

Incredible richness and functional depth available in the standard version. It is one of the preferred tools of 3PLs because it allows them to autonomously adapt to all the business contexts that they encounter.

Performance gains in warehouses with complex processes. It manages strong constraints, notably regulatory types, for traceability or otherwise linked to the requirements of retail and e-commerce customers.

Widely deployed in hyper-automated environments, it optimizes the use of both human and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) resources, as well as available storage space.

Major Sectors: 

Retail Food, Specialized Products, pure play e-commerce, CPG manufacturing including a deep expertise of fresh product, 3PLs.


Other Sectors: 

Automotive, luxury & cosmetics, high-tech, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals.


Case Studies: 


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SOLOCHAIN WMS is a highly flexible and adaptive warehouse management system that’s built for companies that need their supply chains to be flexible, efficient, and scaling, while ensuring execution excellence.

Main Assets:

Simplicity of use and adaptability, process configuration autonomy for customers including a mobile UX, which allows an ease and efficiency in accelerating the deployment of the solution in the customer’s warehouses.

Generix MES is for companies that perform product transformation (manufacturing, product kitting, etc.). Generix’s fully native Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can be enabled in the SOLOCHAIN WMS for complete inventory visibility throughout work-in-progress stages.

Very strong implementation tools, including a robust process designer that drives visual workflows, as well as a fully integrated implementation platform that incorporates project tracking, management and support, as well as an innovative warehouse mapper. 

Main Sectors: 

Manufacturing, Food Services, Grocery, 3PLs


Other Sectors: 

Government, Specialized Retail, Wholesale


Case Studies: