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March 16, 2021

3PL Transpais chooses Generix WMS for expansion

Transpais Group, a leading logistics operator, has chosen Generix Group’s warehouse man-agement solution in order to improve its response to its customers.

Press release

Transpais is a logistics operator of reference in Catalonia (Spain), with a presence also in France, Poland and Bulgaria, currently operating through several logistics warehouses in different parts of Spain and offer-ing reception, storage, conventional logistics, reverse logistics and transport services, as well as being committed to intermodality, making it a partner capable of offering its customers a single interlocutor service in all modes of transport, including rail and sea.

In order to improve the response to its customers, Transpais has chosen to implement the Generix ware-house management solution in SaaS mode for the management of its logistics operations. The implemen-tation will be carried out in its main warehouse in La Selva de Camp (Tarragona) and the project is part of the company’s growth strategy.

Transpais was looking for a solution that would allow it to advance simultaneously in multiple facets: gain reception capacity, speed of response and reliability, optimize transit times, improve the quality of service in general and focus on safety and environmental sustainability.

To achieve this, the global solution adopted includes:

  • Implementation of Generix WMS for warehouse operations management.
  • Invoicing of logistics services through Generix OMS.
  • Generix Datapower to provide visibility of warehouse operations.
  • Management of the lorry yard and appointments with carriers via Generix YMS.
  • Generix Supply Chain Visibility portal for transport visibility, order creation or appointment taking.

For Transpais, the Generix warehouse management system thus becomes the hub of an operation in which the customer integrates its own systems, in addition to invoicing requirements – in fact, integration with the customer is a critical aspect for Transpais.

The Generix suite of solutions also makes it possible to improve the scalability of the tools that the compa-ny has been using, which now also has the support of a top-level technological partner such as Generix Group, specialized in providing collaborative solutions for the logistics operators sector.

We are proud that a logistics operator like Transpais has entrusted us with the logistics of its operations and has not only opted for our warehouse management solution, but also for other solutions from our suite in order to obtain greater traceability of its logistics operations” explained Philippe Ducellier, CEO of Generix Group in Spain.

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3PL Transpais chooses Generix WMS for expansion

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