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March 8, 2022

The AERS, partner of the Agence du Don en Nature, boosts the logistics of its shared donation platform thanks to Generix Group's WMS

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, is pleased to be selected by the AERS (Association d’Entraide et de Reclassement Social), to boost the logistics of its new warehouse in the South of France, which will enable more than 18 local associations to store and redistribute the products collected to beneficiaries. The association, which is very active in its region, works to create, manage and run establishments and services designed to welcome, house, care for and include people in difficulty.

Press release

The Association d’Entraide et de Reclassement Social (AERS) has just inaugurated a 200 m² logistics platform in the South of France. This platform, shared by several local associations, has for main objective to facilitate the distribution of non-food goods of first necessity in the region.

For several years, the association has experienced several obstacles to the collection and redistribution of essential goods, mostly due to logistical issues. Before the opening of this warehouse, there was no place to store the material, most of which came from national collection and redistribution associations or from donations from private companies. The diversity of contributors requires a sophisticated organization and logistics to be able to manage mutualized orders, donations, and their redistribution.

With the support of the Agence du Don en Nature, serving the same cause as AERS and within the framework of the “France Relance” plan aimed at supporting associations in their missions to fight poverty in France, the association was able to call on Generix Group to implement its WMS to manage the logistics flows of this warehouse.

The implementation of our WMS in this warehouse is a reflection of the commitment and support we wish to bring to associations such as ADN or AERS, which struggle daily to help the most vulnerable individuals and support their return to work. Knowing the difficulties that can be encountered by associations distributing non-food donations thanks to our commitment to ADN, we are proud to be able to contribute to helping AERS in this new project, by providing them with our solution and our industry expertise.Philippe SEGUIN, General Manager France at Generix Group

"Thanks to Generix WMS, we will now be able to ensure and fluidify the collection and storage of all goods received. The new organization of the warehouse will also allow us to manage more efficiently the redistribution of non-food items. The mutualization of the management of logistic flows will allow the various associations to reduce transport costs by gathering stocks in a single warehouse. Thanks to Generix Group and the implementation of the WMS, we are at the epicenter of collection and storage in the region. In the future, we will therefore have the capacity to receive products from national collection and redistribution associations, and products from private donors who could be brought to contribute to our associative activity within the framework of the anti-waste law."

Véronique Tirode
General Manager, AERS

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The AERS, partner of the Agence du Don en Nature, boosts the logistics of its shared donation platform thanks to Generix Group's WMS

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