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November 21, 2016

Argel chooses Generix Group to strengthen its customer loyalty and promotional system

Argel, a reference in door-to-door sales, has turned to a digital solution in order to increase its customer loyalty rate. It has chosen the Sales Marketing solution by Generix to reinforce the work of its 300 telemarketers and to offer its clients an enriched purchasing experience.

Press release

Paris, November 17, 2016 – Argel is the branch of EVEN Distribution specializing in the door-to-door sales of frozen foods.

With a catalog of some 1000 products, Argel covers 70 French départments and serves 300,000 clients with 300 delivery trucks. The company includes 11 telemarketing call centers for existing clients and a recruitment center based in Brittany. To date, Argel employs 850 people, including 300 telemarketers, who form an important strike force for the frozen foods specialist.

To continue increasing its market share, Argel has decided to improve its customers’ purchasing experience and the dynamism of its activity by opening itself up to a multi-channel approach. Argel chose Generix Group for both of these reasons.

Argel chooses the Sales Marketing solution by Generix

“The guarantee that we will save time and optimize our operational effectiveness is what convinced us to choose the Generix Group’s Sales Marketing platform”, explains Catherine Abautret, the Administrative, Financial and IS Manager of the Even Distribution center.

Generix Sales Marketing is an omnichannel sales marketing platform. Once connected to the back office of the brand (ERP, BI…), it offers a 360° vision of the client that makes it possible to execute promotional, sales and loyalty-building operations on all the front-office channels (call centers, collection, websites, mobile sites, social networks, and so on) in real-time and in a united way.

At Argel, the order-placing tool used by the 350 telemarketers interacts with Sales Marketing in real-time.

“Throughout the order-placing process, the Sales Marketing motors automatically apply the sales offers developed centrally or according to the customer catchment area. These may be profiled according to client type, product type, or order amount… They are applied to the shopping basket in real-time since quick reactions are essential in processing orders to guarantee high response performance during the order-placing process”, adds Catherine Abautret

In addition to improving the telemarketers’ effectiveness, the Sales Marketing platform puts the client at the heart of the process. From the call center to the marketing teams to the delivery service, the objective is to take into consideration the interactions that the client has already had with Argel in order to instantly offer personalized service and to help enrich his or her purchasing experience

The Sales Marketing platform is used on a daily basis by great retail brands such as Feu Vert and Cultura to digitalize the client journey in a cross-channel or cross-brand context. “… Sales Marketing makes it possible to lead operations that are more powerful, more rapid and even more coherent in terms of loyalty-building and commercial action”, concludes Philippe Petit, Vice-President of Sales & Operations, Generix Sales Marketing “We are proud to guide a leader in door-to-door sales such as Argel – with already mature client relations – through this new digital step.

About Generix Group

Generix Group is a world leader in collaborative applications for the supply chain, with more than 5,000 international clients who use the company’s products on a daily basis. Generix Group is listed on Euronext Paris and is a major presence throughout Europe and in 39 other countries through its subsidiaries, partners, and customers.

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Argel chooses Generix Group to strengthen its customer loyalty and promotional system

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