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March 24, 2014

Augmented reality | Generix Group presents the first connected glasses application for warehouses

Paris, 24 March 2014 – Editor of collaborative software for the Retail ecosystem, Generix Group presents the first augmented reality application for the Supply Chain: connected glasses.

Press release

Developed in partnership with Ecole Centrale de Lille, within the framework of an applied research program on the subject of augmented reality in the Supply Chain, started two years ago, Generix Group will present its connected glasses at the SITL 2014 trade show from 1 to 4 April at Paris-Nord Villepinte. With this innovative solution of one of the very first connected glasses applications for professional use, Generix Group aims to improve the working conditions of logistics operators and productivity in the warehouse. Concretely, it offers a new type of man-machine interface allowing warehouse management systems (WMS) to be connected to the operators by displaying constant information. An innovation for warehouse staff By integrating advanced algorithms, these informative glasses created by Laster Technologies offer users an unparalleled experience of augmented reality, where virtual information and the real world can be overlaid. Intended for warehouse staff for industrial logistics applications, this innovation particularly targets order pickers and their warehouse guidance. In terms, the application may also be used to manage goods-in and out processes, inventories, or quality control.

“How to improve comfort and productivity for warehouse order pickers? “ For Mike Hadjadj, Marketing & Communications Director of Generix Group, solving the problem was simple. “In the era of connected objects, technological players are constantly looking for new and innovative terminals to improve productivity and offer operators freedom of use and movement. Glasses connected to a warehouse management tool seem to be the ideal solution”. An extension of Generix Group’s warehouse management solution The main innovation of these glasses is their connection to the GCS WMS warehouse management software by Generix Group. The latter transfers all necessary information to the connected glasses and therefore to the picker. This application can be used for three augmented reality scenarios: picking, multi-client picking, and “put in”. The general principle is to guide the operator to the right place to inform him of the quantities to pick/put, therefore freeing up both hands and optimizing the circuit by scheduling tasks in an intelligent way. A new concept for users This innovation, designed as an alternative to radio or voice command, will improve order picking processes and ensure the quality of packages. Not only are operators guided so that they pick the right product from the right place and in the right amount, but above all their hands are free. This application thus largely improves working comfort, safety, and productivity in the warehouse and also reduces training time, which is a definite bonus in a sector where the temporary staff is often called upon during activity peaks., professional and human research partner In addition to the Ecole Centrale de Lille for development and Laster Technologies for designing the glasses for professional use, Generix Group wanted, leader in online sales of spare parts, to be involved in the user feedback phase, as the presentation video here shows

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Augmented reality | Generix Group presents the first connected glasses application for warehouses

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