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April 4, 2015

Augmented reality Prize for best Logistics Product Innovation awarded to Generix Group at the SITL trade fair for its warehouse connected glasses application

Paris, 4 April 2014 – Editor of collaborative software for the Retail ecosystem, Generix Group has been rewarded by the 14th Logistics Innovation prize at the SITL 2014 trade fair.

Press release

For the first time in the world, visitors at the SITL 2014 trade fair were able to test an intelligent glasses application designed to guide warehouse order pickers.

“This technology of the future has been put through a number of real-life tests and is a genuine innovation. It demonstrates the capacity for logistics to integrate high added-value cutting-edge solutions and to add high technological content to jobs” explains Laurent Thoumine, Vice-Chairman Supply Chain at Celio and member of the 14th Logistics Innovation prize judging panel.

With this innovative solution of one of the very first connected glasses applications for professional use, Generix Group aims to improve the working conditions of logistics operators and productivity in the warehouse. Concretely, it offers a new type of man-machine interface allowing warehouse management systems (WMS) to be connected to the operators by displaying constant information. An intelligent extension of the GCS WMS solution, the connected glasses guide the order picker in real-time through the warehouse.

With these glasses, operators can concentrate fully on their tasks: pick the right product, from the right place and in the right amount, whilst keeping their hands free and their ears alert.

This connected solution will revolutionize the life of warehouse operators: it combines work comfort (both hands are totally free and there are fewer unnecessary steps), productivity and reduces training time.

“Our pride is two-fold today: we are proud that our teams’ innovation has been internationally recognized and proud that this world-first is entirely made in France thanks to the research partnerships we have formed with the Ecole Centrale de Lille, Laster Technologies and”, says happily Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group. A few words on the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain range:

GCS GLS manages the physical flows of stored and cross-docked goods and anticipates the picking services that need to be provided to each customer. GCS GLS also controls the costs of a logistics network.

Thanks to its modularity and powerful settings, GCS WMS is designed for the business and organization of each company. GCS WMS is mainly for multi-channel retailers, pure player e-retailers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers thanks to its evolution and its ability to efficiently process warehouse flows, regardless of the products.

GCS TMS is designed to help drive down transport costs, improve fill rates, and optimize carrier allocation. This comprehensive solution guarantees a quick response and reliable timekeeping, minimum stock levels, and full control of flow management.

GCS YMS boosts sites’ performance with collaborative, accurate, and efficient yard management. Yard management plays a key role in organizing your transport slots by taking on board every single constraint; forecast and manage delays so you can reorganize warehouse assignments in real-time; work with carriers to provide total satisfaction, through to the end customer.

GCS KPIs Cockpit is a decision aid tool that provides a host of indicators to facilitate warehouse control and analysis operations and to boost the efficiency of employees. The organization, development opportunities, investment choices, training choices, and choices to change model are some of the indicators which make up proper strategic avenues for improvement for Supply Chain actors.

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Augmented reality Prize for best Logistics Product Innovation awarded to Generix Group at the SITL trade fair for its warehouse connected glasses application

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