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June 16, 2020

Data and the Cloud at the heart of the new generation of Generix Group's Supply Chain services

Three major evolutions of the Supply Chain Execution offer, to the benefit of warehouse and transport operations and real-time customer information.

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS solutions for the Supply Chain and Retail ecosystem, announces three enhancements to its Supply Chain Execution offer.

Press release

The Supply Chain for manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers is constantly striving for performance and agility. Warehouses and transport are under pressure to deliver even more orders, in a more constrained environment and with strained resources. The Cloud model, data mining and algorithmics are essential to respond effectively to the management of these operational situations.

In 2009, Generix Group was a pioneer in focusing its strategy towards the Cloud. Its Supply Chain Execution solutions became 100% SaaS – Software as a Service. They are therefore naturally enriched with additional services and resources, enabling the rapid development of new uses thanks to the processing of huge volumes of data from varied and heterogeneous sources. Instantaneity in terms of power requirements can be handled exclusively through the Cloud’s elasticity.

A new generation of services for the benefit of operational excellence in Supply Chain Execution

3 new services are available today:

  • Generix Data Power: a new generation of Supply Chain operations performance analysis,
  • WMS Steering: acceleration of operational decision-making in the warehouse thanks to a 360° and real time vision of internal and external events,
  • Supply Chain Visibility (SCV): the solution for managing transport flows to put the chain under control by digitizing all operations.

These improvements enable the creation of new application services for decision making and planning by complementing the WMS and TMS solutions of the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform. The high granularity of Data Power’s performance analysis, the real-time monitoring of internal and external operations from warehouse to transport, enabled by WMS Pilotage and the end-to-end vision offered by Supply Chain Visibility, will promote the exposure of new services:

  • Impact and cost simulation for real-time operational decision-making,
  • The optimization of the choices of storage structure, organization, scheduling, means,
  • Prediction of load volumes and capacity,
  • Resources shortage anticipation.

In 2020, Generix Group is therefore accelerating the provision of processes aimed at making Supply Chain operations more efficient using simulation and optimization algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. Its DataLab, made up of data scientists and data engineers, works alongside business experts and is at the very core of its Research and Development.

"Generix Group is a pioneer of SaaS in Supply Chain management, with a committed and successful turnaround as of 2009, enabling us to offer new services that contribute to the performance and excellence of our customers' Supply Chain in an agile manner. The advantages of the Cloud, coupled with the industrialized exploitation and analysis of their data and flows, allow logistics service providers, manufacturers and retailers to gain in resilience and competitiveness."

Jean-Charles Deconninck
President, Generix Group

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Data and the Cloud at the heart of the new generation of Generix Group's Supply Chain services

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