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October 25, 2018

Generix Group annonces the arrival of madam aïda collette-sène as chief executive officer

Aïda Collette-Sène is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Generix Group, a collaborative SaaS solutions provider for the Supply Chain and retail ecosytem. A newly created position, commensurate with this Franco-Canadian. Accustomed to supporting international companies in their growth, she will bring to Generix Group her organizational and operational expertise in customer service. Aïda Collette-Sène is responsible for several departments: Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal as well as Consulting and Services.

Press release

A company structured around its clients and focused on its international development

Aïda Collette-Sène’s priority is to place quality and the customer at the heart of the organization, in order to better meet his expectations. For this, she will, among other elements, work on:

  • Accelerating sales growth based on a Demand Generation strategy;
  • Consolidating the Delivery to guarantee an optimized level of service commitment to the customer, regardless of his geographical location;
  • Deploying an ambitious Human Resources policy, on a global scale, in order to retain and attract the talents needed to achieve the above objectives.

To define her mission within the Group, Aïda Collette-Sène said: “Generix Group is a beautiful company, stable and sound. In order to pursue its growth, the company today needs to adapt its organization and reach a global dimension. This is the mission that Jean-Charles Deconninck, our president has entrusted to me”. The latter adds: “The international experience of Aïda Collette-Sène is a real asset for our company. It will enable Generix Group to accelerate its development while ensuring growth and improving profitability”.

An international experience serving a global ambition

After an MBA in “Information and Organization Systems” at the University of Laval in Quebec, Aïda Collette-Sène began her professional career in Canada. In 1996, following several experiences acquired in large North American consulting firms, she joined CGI’s Business Computing Company (CIA), before being named CEO France in 2007. In 2010, she joined CGI France as CEO. She participated in the merger with LOGICA and then held the position of Senior Vice President until 2018. Aïda Collette-Sène is a member of Syntec.

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Generix Group annonces the arrival of madam aïda collette-sène as chief executive officer

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