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Supply Chain
December 2, 2019

Generix Group announces Generix Collaborative Replenishment, a SaaS solution serving supply excellence

Generix Group, a global provider of SaaS Software designed to accelerate today’s collaborative supply chains, announces the launch of Generix Collaborative Replenishment, a new-generation SaaS solution to optimize Supply Chain management thanks to ‘collaboration’.

Press release

Supply performance, the starting block for transforming the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain has created a real opportunity for companies to gain a competitive edge and better fulfill their commitments to their customers. Collaborative Supply Chain management directly contributes to enhancing Supply Chain performance by improving customer service rate while reducing inventory levels.

“To meet the requirements of customers who are increasingly demanding and volatile, the Supply Chain supports a company’s strategy of value creation. Generix Collaborative Replenishment reduces stockouts by over 30%. The stakes require an even greater strategic approach when we consider that stockouts are the reason for significant turnover losses for manufacturers: more than 1.2 billion euros for superstores in 2018, according to ERC-IRI surveys for the Institut du Commerce.”

Jean Charles DECONNINCK, CEO of Generix Group. Generix Collaborative Replenishment reinvents shared Supply Chain management and enables manufacturers, retailers, and 3PL to cover all supply pooling processes: Shared Supply Management, Vendor Managed Inventory, pooling, or VMI, multi pick, multidrop, consignment stock, consolidation and mutualization centers, etc.

A new generation of solutions and tangible profits measured by a specific set of business KPI

With Generix Collaborative Replenishment, supply processes integrate the latest technological innovations such as the cloud, mobility, big data, analysis tools, automation of operations, and soon Artificial Intelligence.

The solution offers a new user experience, based on precise indicators, and improves the productivity of operators and performance:

  • Improves service rate by 20% to 30%
  • Reduces inventory levels by 30% to 50%
  • Optimizes truckload by 70% to 98%
  • Reduces transport costs by 10% to 15%
  • Increases sales by 2% to 3%
  • Eliminates outstanding payments and disputes
  • Builds a relationship of trust with the customer
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Generix Collaborative Replenishment responds to the new requirements of Customer Services, Demand-Driven Leaders, and Suppliers. In fact, the service was created in collaboration with the Customer Advisory Board of Generix Group which brings together 8 of the top 30 FMCG companies.

“During these key phases of joint construction, we shared common ambitions with our clients: increase performance, provide dexterous solutions to consumers’ demands, improve suppliers’ productivity, and seize new competitive advantages.” Christophe VIRY, Generix Group Product Marketing Manager

As of now, the Generix Collaborative Replenishment solution is available in SaaS within the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform. This service also works in synergy with Generix EDI Services, Generix Supplier Portal, Generix Transport Management, Generix Warehouse Management, and Generix Order Management.

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Generix Group announces Generix Collaborative Replenishment, a SaaS solution serving supply excellence

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