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June 17, 2014

Generix Group announces a new collaborative portal for B2B supplier relationship management

Paris, 17 June 2014 – Generix Group, a developer of collaborative software and On-Demand services, has released a next-generation supplier relationship management portal. This solution is designed to meet the needs of companies looking to optimize business process performance and drive down management overheads.

Press release

With the new GCI Supplier Portal, suppliers now play a more active role in the company’s procurement, logistics, and invoicing processes. It offers a vast range of benefits, including administrative task computerization and delegation, paperless documentation, operation pooling, data quality improvements, dispute reduction, and faster electronic communication. As well as managing the relationship between a company and its suppliers, GCI Supplier Portal also helps to deliver continuous improvement through shared objectives and mutual responsibility. GCI Supplier Portal is designed to help companies reap the benefits of digital technologies and delivers exclusive benefits such as: A supplier portal within a wider collaborative platform that includes: process management, workflow governance, data transfer and conversion, e-invoicing and paperless documentation, etc.

  • A library of ready-to-use business processes (repositories, forecasts, orders, shipment orders, goods receipt, invoicing, etc.) to reduce deployment costs
  • An XML data model that complies with international B2B standards
  • A B2B deployment service to accelerate ROI by reducing supplier integration time by 75%
  • Paperless document regulatory compliance: legal archiving, electronic signature, data integrity, access control, permission management, etc.
  • A dedicated SaaS offering that naturally delivers high service levels
  • Multi-level application maintenance and 24-hour user support
  • An invoicing per use model and no initial investment at the point of deployment

The new platform is developed to Web 3.0 standards and uses Responsive Web Design (HTML5, JSF, CSS3, etc.) technologies to ensure compatibility with all types of the fixed and mobile devices. The user interface is designed to enhance productivity and guarantee user acceptance.

“Generix Group is the first developer to offer a collaborative portal within a comprehensive B2B integration and collaboration platform. This exclusive feature delivers faster ROI for companies, through comprehensive, unified B2B exchange governance, simplified and consistent repository management, accelerated EDI workflow deployment, and technology-independent business process management capabilities (EDI, MFT, WED-EDI, Digitisation, etc.). It also helps companies to streamline their investments,” explains Christophe Viry, Head of Product Strategy, Generix Collaborative Integration.

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Generix Group announces a new collaborative portal for B2B supplier relationship management

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