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May 29, 2013

Generix Group announces the release of gcc 3.0, the new version of its cross-channel sales and marketing platform

Paris, 29th May 2013 – Generix Group, editor of collaborative software for retail, announces the brand new version of the Generix Collaborative Customer cross-channel Sales & Marketing platform: GCC 3.0. It allows retail brands to improve their bespoke customer loyalty and promotion actions and customers’ shopping experiences in real time on all physical and virtual channels.

Press release

83% of French people have at some point decided not to use a promotional offer that was personally addressed to them because it did not apply to the products they were interested in (IFOP / Generix Group survey – “French people and cross-channel purchasing – September 2012).

“This should be a thing of the past”, commented Philippe Petit, Director of Operations of the GCC range “and it was with this frame of mind that we developed Generix Collaborative Customer in order to offer brands the opportunity to move into the era of customized marketing based on customers’ wishes.”

Generix Collaborative Customer is a platform that allows retailers to connect to the existing back office (CRM, ERP, BI, etc.) to execute promotion, loyalty and sales actions consistently and in real-time on all front-office applications (payment, web sites, mobile applications, social networks, etc.). In version V3, the solution’s main modules have been improved.


With GCC Promotion, the customer’s satisfaction is improved by offering, throughout the shopping experience, different bespoke advantages to encourage the impulse to buy. Version 3.0 can do the following:

  • Merge and separate households for finer targeting;
  • Enhance advantage calculation modes;
  • Simulate the campaign’s impact;
  • Manage independent entities (multi-brand, mixed networks of franchises /branches) to create and apply sales operations by the level of organization.


Generix Group provides its GCC Loyalty service to retailers to optimize the conversion of consumers into loyal customers by offering more bespoke advantages, and a program to win and use loyalty points. The new version has been improved to:

  • Optimize the organisation of loyalty campaigns and improve the processing circuit;
  • Administrate loyalty points: individually, in bulk, premiums, diversification of allocation rules

Promotion and loyalty rules can be pooled between several brands of the same group: loyalty points, reduction coupons, gift cards, loyalty cheque, etc.

Single basket

With GCC Sales, retailers reduce abandoned sales and accompany the customer throughout the shopping experience on all channels and devices. GCC 3.0 improvements concern:

  • Customer visibility;
  • Customer familiarity;
  • Reporting on the customer’s purchase, regardless of the channel: baskets, points, loyalty cheques, etc.

The GCC platform provides a new dimension when it comes to agility by adapting to the rules and constraints of brands’ organizations:

  • These same rules can be created and isolated to a single store, for example for a franchise or a group of franchises
  • All of these authorizations are configured directly on the GCC Cross Channel platform

This new version has already convinced a number of large retailers in the fields of ready-to-wear fashion, habitat, or edutainment.

“In addition to monitoring customers on any channel”, adds Philippe Petit, “GCC 3.0 is entirely compatible with tablets so that store workers can quickly get to grips with it: added-value sales assistance, customer assistance, queue boosting via mobile payments, direct ordering of an unavailable product, click and collect, advanced functionalities (on-line reservation or pick-up from the shop). »

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Generix Group announces the release of gcc 3.0, the new version of its cross-channel sales and marketing platform

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