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June 1, 2021

Generix Group, first French e-Invoicing operator certified "e-Invoicing Conformant Solution" by the European Commission

Generix Group, publisher of collaborative SaaS solutions for the Supply Chain and Commerce ecosystem, announces that it is the first French e-invoicing operator to be certified as an “e-Invoicing Conformant Solution” by the European Commission for its Generix Invoice Services solution.

Press release

According to a Billentis* report, the global electronic invoicing market continues to increase strongly. Its annual growth will vary from 10 to 56% depending on the continent, reaching 18 billion euros in 2025. Nearly 2,000 e-Invoicing operators are referenced in the world, half of them in Europe. At the same time, the report shows that the generalization of electronic invoicing (B2G, B2B, B2C) is coming up against a multiplicity of practices, formats, exchange protocols, regulations, etc. depending on the sector and country.

In order to promote the development of a single digital market, the European Commission has published several interoperability standards, which have been included in its directives to Member States. This is the objective of the Connecting Europe Facility** program, managed by the INEA Agency, which addresses various domains including electronic signatures, electronic invoicing, archiving, etc.

Since 2019 and with the co-financing of the Commission, Generix Group has made significant investments to integrate the new interoperability standards within its Generix Invoice Services offer:

  • Single invoice data model (standard EN16931-1:2017)
  • Invoice exchange syntaxes (ISO/IEC 19845:2015 UBL 2.1 and UN/CEFACT CII standards)
  • Transfer protocol between systems: eSENS profile based on EDIINT AS4 ebMSS3 OASIS standard
  • Connection to the European Peppol Network
  • Interoperability of electronic directories
  • eIDAS Regulation n°910/2014 on trust and digital identification.

At the end of 2020, Generix Group began a compliance test campaign organized by the European Commission’s experts. After these successful tests, Generix Group was the first French operator to be certified, and one of the first European operators.

This certification provides our customers with the guarantee that their invoices comply with national and European regulatory obligations. In addition, these innovations facilitate the deployment of electronic invoicing for export and intra-community transactions, while reducing costs and implementation time,” explains Christophe Viry, Product Marketing Director for Generix Group’s e-Invoicing solutions. He adds: “In France, Generix Group continues to take part in the consultation workshops led by the DGFIP to define the terms of the new tax reform on electronic invoicing. We are also preparing the conditions for the certification of our offer by the French tax authorities.”


* “The e-Invoicing journey 2019-2025”, BILLENTIS, June 2019

** The Connecting Europe Facility program is administered by the Innovation and Networking Executive Agency (INEA) within the European Commission. It finances calls for projects to promote the dissemination of standards and standardized technical components within the 28 member states. This plan supports digital interoperability in areas such as digital identification, archiving, electronic invoicing, electronic signature, …

For more information on the CEF and INEA program, please visit

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Generix Group, first French e-Invoicing operator certified "e-Invoicing Conformant Solution" by the European Commission

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