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B2B Collaboration
June 25, 2013

Generix Group presents the first "Cloud OFTP2" offer to accelerate deployment of B2B flows in the automotive industry and reduce usage costs

Paris, 25th June 2013 – With its new connectivity offer for the automotive industry, OFTP2, Generix Group allows actors in the automotive ecosystem to interconnect rapidly via the cloud and at the same time make substantial and immediate cost savings. Already used by ten or so manufacturers in Germany, France, and Finland, the solution has led to successful exchanges with car manufacturers such as BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Skoda, Man, Renault Trucks, etc.

Press release

The context

In view of the generalization of global exchanges on the Internet and the programmed phasing out of local networks X.25 and ISDN, ODETTE, the European organization in charge of standardizing B2B exchanges in the automotive industry, has defined a new version of its communication protocol, called OFTP2.

OFTP2 is a secure data transfer protocol that allows transfers to be done on the Internet. It is an economic alternative to, particularly expensive EDI networks.

This new protocol ensures high added-value functionalities such as secure transfer of data with recovery in the event of failure; acknowledgment of receipt management; making data secure via certificates (SSL/TLS, authentication, encrypting, etc.) or data compression.

Generix Group, a leader on the electronic inter-company collaboration market, launches the first Cloud OFTP2 service for the automotive industry.

A historical member of ODETTE, for 20 years Generix Group has been proposing EDI/B2B collaboration and integration solutions to optimize the automotive supply chain in compliance with ODETTE’s sector-wide standards, such as GALIA, ODETTE-EDIFACT, VDA, OFTP, etc.

“With the availability of its OFTP2 connectivity offer on the cloud, Generix Group is accelerating the transfer from historical EDI architectures linked to EDI networks to economical and rapid-to-deploy cloud offers on the Internet”, said Christophe Viry, Manager of the Generix Collaborative Integration product range at Generix Group. “Thanks to this exclusive service, a player in the automotive industry can interface with its main vehicle manufacturer customers in just a few hours and at the same time save several thousands of euros per year”.

The solution is designed for all companies that want to implement an OFTP2 communication service and/or migrate existing OFTP services by using a SaaS service or software. Fully integrated into the existing SaaS and software solutions of the Generix Collaborative Integration range, the OFTP2 solution offers the following functionalities:

  • An OFTP2 transfer service which also translated data, e-invoicing, and B2B portal deployment. It also supports thirty other transfer protocols: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, EDIINT AS2, OFTP, X400, etc.
  • Highly secure exchanges directly over the Internet – Management of large files
  • Removal of EDI VAN usage costs
  • Very rapid implementation, in particular with the SaaS offering

A major player in EDI/B2B exchanges in the automotive industry, Generix Group has several hundreds of references representative of the main segments: vehicle manufacturers (Ford, PSA, Renault, etc.), OEMs (Bourbon Fabi Automotive, Eurostyle, Filtrauto, Hutchinson, Silvatrim, etc.), spare parts’ retailers (Autodistribution, Carglass, Feu Vert, etc.) and vehicle carriers(Gefco, Walon, STVA, etc.).

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Generix Group presents the first "Cloud OFTP2" offer to accelerate deployment of B2B flows in the automotive industry and reduce usage costs

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