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March 4, 2014

Generix Group presents GCS WMS Spring 2014, the latest edition of its warehouse management solution

Paris, 4 March 2014 – Generix Group, editor of collaborative software for retail, presents the Spring 2014 edition of its SaaS warehouse management solution, GCS WMS, which factors in new functionalities for e-logistics, traceability and resource management.

Press release

The challenges of the supply chain as expressed by our customers guide us daily in the design of our SaaS GCS, Generix Collaborative Supply Chain. Adapting to e-commerce, improving productivity, setting up pooling facilities, collaborating, and improving the visibility of flows require ultra-effective steering and execution solutions. This is why Generix Group proposes a full range of logistics business processes in two parts: operational management (Supply Chain Execution), and steering intra and inter-company flows (Supply Chain Monitoring).

The new Spring 2014 edition offers new modules and improvements, making GCS WMS an even more effective and wide-ranging tool. “Turnkey” logistics that are increasingly adaptable

The new e-logistics pack offers:

  • New goods-in, storage, and picking modes especially for the detailed picking involved in e-commerce.
  • Connections with detailed picking aid tools, notably with mechanization modules like that of our partner, Boa Concept. The WMS plug & play connector has been optimized, providing a joint, flexible, and innovative solution for self-adjustable mechanization of e-commerce logistics.
  • Enhanced functions for packing: management of all packing instructions, alarm acknowledgment, integration of weighing systems, or automatic packing.

A new WMS module is associated with the e-logistics pack: intelligent scheduling. It splits orders based on multiple criteria in order to regroup them into similar packing assignments and allocate picking methods that suit their profile. Scheduling is thus more reactive and better timed than with a traditional system, with orders processed in real-time.

An enhanced Traceability module GCS WMS offers a traceability module with enhanced functionalities: management of batches by voice picking, management of blockages, and of status tracking and management of stock adjustment movements. Improve resource management

The Labour Management System module is packaged to provide all employee and equipment planning functionalities thanks to the automatic calculation of the correspondence between the load and available resources in the warehouse. By anticipation, it is, therefore, possible to manage risky situations (warnings) and allow resources to be better allocated in relation to the load.

Optimized Order Management

Logistics GCS WMS has a system to analyze stock availability in the network’s warehouses to allocate orders to the most appropriate picking site. In the event of partial shortage, orders are broken up into several lines on different sites and are grouped again for a single delivery to the customer. Other new features…

  • The perfection of time zone management, now extended to the entire GCS range.
  • Extended translation: the entire GCS range is now available in Russian (including legal documents) and the adaptation of Portuguese for Brazil has been completed.

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Generix Group presents GCS WMS Spring 2014, the latest edition of its warehouse management solution

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