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January 9, 2018

Generix group receives gs1 france certification for e-invoicing

Paris, January 8, 2018 – Generix Group, the international expert in inter-company exchange for over twenty-five years, has obtained GS1 France approval for the e-invoicing tools found in the company’s Invoice Services solution. This certification confirms that digital invoices emitted by the editor are fully compliant with current regulations. In a context where legislative pressure to digitize invoices is on the rise, this status provides a supplementary guarantee of Generix Group expertise.

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Starting in 2017, e-invoicing has progressively become mandatory for companies sending invoices to the government, local authorities and public establishments. According to Order 2014-697 dated June 26, 2014 – which defines the schedule for mandatory implementation of e-invoicing – medium-sized companies must be prepared to implement this approach by January 1, 2018, followed by smaller companies in 2019 and micro-companies in 2020.

These legal requirements represent a constraint for businesses, but Generix Group provides a way to meet this challenge. According to a study made by Generix Group in 2017, 66% of companies have an e-invoicing solution. However, 73% of these businesses have yet to digitize over 50% of their invoice volume. Present on the market since 1993, Generix Group aims to support these companies in their digital transformation projects. “In France, it’s been possible to digitize an invoice in a fiscally acceptable way since 1990! But the first large-scale implementations date to the mid-2000s, with the transposition of European directives and the arrival of several offers of platforms in SaaS mode,” notes Christophe Viry, Product Marketing Manager for Integration Offers and B2B Collaboration at Generix Group. In correlation with regulatory deadlines, Generix Group has welcomed over 800 new customers to the company’s platform in 2017.

Generix Group receives certification for GS1 2017 – EDI e-invoicing The main activity of GS1, a trade standards organization with a global scope, is to establish standards and solutions that allow exchanging consumer goods around the world. This includes the entire Supply Chain from producer to consumer. The existence of GS1 certification allows companies to choose from a list of solutions that have been validated through an extensive series of tests, thus ensuring that their platforms meet regulatory requirements.

For a company like Generix Group, with a full-speed-ahead strategy of internationalization, obtaining GS1 approval is a logical step forward. “GS1 is a key player in retail. The organization has in-depth knowledge of the issues and meets them by defining new standards. Receiving this certification means that our customers can collaborate in a worry-free manner with their customers and suppliers,” explains Christophe Viry. The Invoice Services solution by Generix Group has successfully obtained GS1 France certification and the right to use the “GS1 Attested” label.

A determinant certification for Generix Group customers

Although e-invoicing is synonymous with reliability, time saved, and compliance, there is still a bit of apprehension about this technology. For this reason, Generix Group looked for a solution that would certify its offer and reassure customers that their digital invoices are compliant. “In view of the difficulties we encountered in the field, we strongly recommend that companies choose only certified solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and interoperability. The choice is vast and it’s easy to bring competition into play,” adds Christophe Viry. The business configurations tested during the certification process guarantee that Generix Group customers will be compliant with current regulations and able to defend themselves in case of a dispute.

“With nearly thirty years of experience in digitizing inter-company exchanges, we are grateful to GS1 France for initiating this solution certification approach. It enables us to reassure our customers and partners on the compliance of our solution through the intervention of a trusted third party. In addition, solution certification is key to facilitating interoperability among companies and building partner communities,” concludes Christophe Viry.

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Generix group receives gs1 france certification for e-invoicing

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