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February 16, 2018

Generix Group sets the Supply Chain back at the heart of company strategy with the "GENERIX SUPPLY CHAIN HUB"

Paris, February 16, 2018 – Generix Groupeditor of SaaS solutions for the Supply Chain ecosystem – announces its new collaborative platform for processing and managing Supply Chain flows, now available worldwide: “Generix Supply Chain Hub”. This new-generation collaborative platform meets the needs of the omnichannel economy. It puts the customer promise at the center of the action through the implementation of collaborative digital Supply Chain management.

Press release

In 1998, research scientists Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore predicted the coming of the experience economy. In this new paradigm, the experience would become THE new value, taking over goods and services. It has now arrived. Customers no longer consume: they experience. By giving an online opinion, the consumer not only judges the product, but also the effectiveness of the Supply Chain deployed around the product. This includes the availability of merchandise, delivery quality, packaging, on-time delivery, and instantaneous visibility. With the acceleration of the digital transformation of consumers and companies, the Supply Chain has become an essential part of the customer promise and is therefore key to brand and company identity.

The digital transformation of the economy requires companies to call on a growing number of players or participants that must be seamlessly synchronized to ensure the commitment to customers. Indeed, the ability of the Supply Chain to keep the customer promise is inversely proportional to the number of ruptures in the execution. Whether the disruptions are in the information flow or in the physical execution, the more there are, the greater the risk of poor quality.

“Today, companies make a tacit promise that they will offer the best possible experience to their end customers. Based on this observation, operational excellence in the Supply Chain is no longer an option. Economic players cannot reach their growth objectives or honor commitments without transforming their company and changing, both internally and externally, from a rigid sequential model to a collaborative, agile organization that responds in real-time,” declares Vincent Barale, Supply Chain and Logistics Director for Louis Vuitton Malletier. Thoroughly aware of what is at stake, Generix Group has created the new Generix Supply Chain Hub offering built from the synergy between three main areas of expertise:

  1. Supply Chain execution, to transform the customer experience;
  2. B2B integration, to connect the ecosystem and manage data flows;
  3. Collaboration and visibility, to empower this ecosystem.

Free of charge and highly secured, Generix Supply Chain Hub, is open to all players and their systems, so that they can collaborate with over eighty percent of their customers and partners.

Partners and service providers can subscribe to a set of business processes for handling all or part of their order flow, for both information management (order, reception, delivery, forecasting, invoicing, payment, tax, numerical originals, etc.) and physical execution (supply, transport, reception, storage, cross-docking, shared preparation or e-business, optimization of composition and order flows, downstream transport, click and collect, etc.).

These real-time processes are monitored at each step of the execution of the order flow, from placing the order to delivery. Information concerning synchronization is relayed through an on-going dialog among all players concerned by the ecosystem, as well as with the customer, who looks for reassurance. This is done through automatic transmission tools or reproduced on a portal for consultation or interaction.

Generix Group customers will automatically benefit from access to an ecosystem that currently includes over 50,000 connected companies and hundreds of thousands of others that can be accessed thanks to platform interoperability. Each day, over ten million transactions are executed by around 250,000 users in 50 countries.

“This approach of end-to-end management of digital Supply Chain processes is the result of extensive experience and careful attention to the needs of our customers, the market’s and our partners’. With this offer, we want to put technology at the service of our customers’ businesses and accelerate their growth through the use of functions and means that are collaborative, agile, and rapidly deployed. Every day around the globe, we commit together to keeping promises made to both B2B and B2C customers,” states Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of the Management Board of Generix Group.

Generix Supply Chain Hub is designed in a way that lets companies rethink their strategy around their customer promise. This requires combining rapidity, flexibility and deployment security while keeping in mind this observation by Peter Drucker: “Like strategy, its execution is an art.”

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Generix Group sets the Supply Chain back at the heart of company strategy with the "GENERIX SUPPLY CHAIN HUB"

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