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October 20, 2020

Generix Group supports Carrefour France on the interoperability of electronic invoicing as part of the European Commission program EURINV19

Paris, October 20, 2020 – Generix Group, for its participation in EURINV 19* project, of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility** program, announces the adaptation of its eInvoicing solution to the new European standards with Carrefour France.

Press release

The EURINV19 program is a consortium of 14 participants from 8 member states (Sweden, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France and the Netherlands) collaborating on the “Implementation of the European standard for cloud-based e-invoicing platforms”. The project is coordinated by IRTIC (Institute of Robotics, Technology, Information and Communication) of the University of Valencia in Spain. Six European eInvoicing cloud platforms providers are participating, as well as 8 user companies and local communities.

Endorsed in this initiative by the DINUM (Interministerial Department of Digital Technology), Generix Group is assisting Carrefour France as a user of its eInvoicing solution, to comply with European electronic invoicing standards. Both companies representing France in the program.

The goal of EURINV19’ project is:

  • to implement with eInvoicing providers and selected users, the European standards for electronic invoicing in accordance with the 2014/55/EU directive, the eIDAS regulation and national regulations. Each beneficiary will upgrade its eInvoicing solution to support EN 16931 standard (UBL 2.1 and UN CEFACT CII) electronic invoice syntax and interoperability through the PEPPOL network, of which Generix Group is one of the certified access points in France and Benelux.
  • to promote the European standards necessary for European digital interoperability among businesses and local communities.

Generix Group helps Carrefour in adopting European standards for electronic invoicing.

Carrefour France and Generix Group are participating in the project to integrate European standards into the eInvoicing solution used by Carrefour France and deployed with thousands of its suppliers.

Thanks to this project, Carrefour France will offer new e-invoicing facilities to its trading partners and help medium-sized companies to deploy e-invoicing by promoting digital interoperability standards.

This initiative will thus enable Carrefour France to support UBL 2.1 and UN-CEFACT syntaxes in its invoice exchanges with its suppliers, to receive invoices from suppliers belonging to a member state via the PEPPOL e-delivery Network and the European AS4 eSENS profile protocol.

The evolution of the solution developed by Generix Group will finally enable Carrefour France to issue invoices supporting European standards to its private and public customers via national platforms such as Chorus Pro.

Generix Group is very proud to support Carrefour France in this project to promote interoperability standards for eInvoicing. This initiative, supported by the European Commission, will simplify the development of eInvoicing, especially for small and medium-sized companies, which is essential in the present health crisis,” says Christophe Viry, Product Marketing Manager at Generix Group.

* EURIN19 Action (TENTec number 2019-EU-IA-0037): Adopting the European Standard by using consolitaded eInvoicing cloud platforms

** For more information on the CEF and INEA program, see

The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of Generix Group. It does not engage that of the European Union.

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Generix Group supports Carrefour France on the interoperability of electronic invoicing as part of the European Commission program EURINV19

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