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November 18, 2015

Generix Group unveils its solution to accelerate digital transformation of business.

In keeping with its role of catalyst for the digital transformation of business, Generix Group presents its four solutions to accelerate the digital metamorphosis of the main retail, logistics, and industrial players Paris, 12 November 2015 – On 3 November, Generix Group held a meeting with all of its customers from the world of industry, retail, and logistics. The purpose? To present its collaborative solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of business in tandem with the consumer’s metamorphosis.

Press release

“Boosted by the Internet and the resulting new players and uses, consumers have changed. Online, they are now used to having an almost unlimited choice, easily comparing prices, enjoying customized browsing experiences, and constant reassurance. They naturally expect the same services as traditional business players. In this context, our mission is precisely to make this possible”, analyzed Marc Laporte, Marketing and Strategy Director, Generix Group.

To do this, Generix Group has designed four collaborative solutions in keeping with its vision of the challenges of digital transformation. In other words, optimizing exchanges between the company and its eco-system, creating innovative services, and meeting consumers’ new expectations.

“At Generix Group, we do not believe in unavoidable “über-isation” as some may theorize. There is indeed a natural control of the potential of the Internet by GAFA, to mention only those. But we are convinced that, with our solutions, all business players will be able to integrate technological innovation into their business models and their proposal of values”, added Marc Laporte.

Here are the four solutions by Generix Group in detail:

> Generix Web-to-Store to merge the physical store and the website

The Generix Web-to-Store solution separates the commitment of finalizing the act of purchase. Thanks to this new paradigm, the company:

  • Creates a bespoke browsing experience for the customer, where digital is used to bring the customer into the shop
  • Gives power back to the seller. The latter no longer has to face competition from the online store and stops being considered a mere counter. Proactive, he plays the role of advisor and economic lever by encouraging upselling and cross-selling.
  • Pushes back the boundaries of the shop; the physical store and virtual stores are one and the same.

> Generix Logistics Order Management for a transparent view of stocks in the whole distribution network

How can a company guarantee that the customer will receive his order in the shortest timeframes when it does not have an overview of the distribution chain itself? To end this impossible equation, the Generix Logistics Order Management solution gives retailers a precise and real-time view of stocks available in the shop, warehouse, and with suppliers. Thanks to this overall and up-to-date knowledge of his stock, the seller:

  • Increases the conversion rate because he is able to offer each customer the most suitable logistics solution and orchestrate reverse logistics
  • Globally optimize sales management
  • Encourages customer loyalty because the latter is well-informed and reassured.

> Easy Order Tracking to follow an order in real-time Information pooling.

One of the main order tracking obstacles has been lifted thanks to Generix Group’s Easy Order Tracking. Like a social network, this solution interconnects all players in the logistics chain (senders and recipients of information). Thanks to this collaborative platform:

  • Information is captured, seen and distributed in real-time among all stakeholders
  • Unforeseen circumstances are no longer an issue
  • The consumer is reassured because he can track his order in real-time

> Generix All-in-One collaborative platform to simplify collaboration between companies

With Generix All-in-One Collaborative Platform partners are interconnected, data is collected and distributed, digital flows are quickly rolled out, inter-application collaboration is ensured, and flows are made secure and are managed. Based on a modern technology platform – Java, Web 2.0, NoSQL – the All-in-one platform aggregates three fields: exchange networks (EDI, API, fax, OCR, etc.), inter-company integration (B2B/EDI, MFT, ECM, etc.) and collaborative applications (Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, E-Invoicing, etc.).

The main benefits for companies are to

  • Withstand the digital transformation by making the most of technologies
  • Function in a connected and collaborative model to improve process performance
  • Reduce sales, logistics, administrative and financial cycles, and costs
  • Create value and new services
  • Streamline collaborative architectures by making savings

“We are convinced that these four solutions are effective catalysts for the digital transformation of business because they adapt business applications to the issues of digital commerce, because they unite all information coming from the eco-system and because they build collaborative solutions”, concluded Marc Laporte.

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Generix Group unveils its solution to accelerate digital transformation of business.

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