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December 7, 2017

Generix Perspectives Day Benelux 2017

Antwerp, December 7, 2017 – Every year, Generix Group organizes their Perspectives Day. This event was specially created to bring customers and other guests together and to create room for discussions about innovation and cooperation. This year was the very first Benelux edition and it took place on December 7 in Antwerp, in the cozy and warm Martinushoeve.

With an attendance of more than 50 people, the expectations for this first edition were immediately set high. Perspectives Day Benelux had to be a direct hit. The first guests entered the Martinushoeve and were warmly welcomed. After a short introduction speech by General Manager Benelux Chris Van der Schueren and CEO Jean-Charles Deconninck, the party could start.

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Change management

The Perspectives Day was kicked off by the first interactive session of Change Manager Harley Lovegrove. Who am I? What’s my purpose? What does success mean for me? What do I want to achieve? The search for ‘The absolute secret to success’ had started.

We love interaction After Harley’s short intermezzo, it was time for the business workshops. These sessions were divided into two separate rooms, one for Supply Chain and the other for B2B Integration & Collaboration. Our guests were given the opportunity to choose between different workshops and meet some of our partners and customers.

The two Supply Chain workshops were AB InBev (VMI) and ID Logistics (WMS). The ever-smiling Fleur Lievevrouw from AB InBev proved that Customer Service is not just a department, but also an attitude. Rob Franssen from ID Logistics opened the eyes of many attendees, talking about innovation in their company.

In the B2B Integration & Collaboration room, Agristo and Colruyt Group stole the show. Agristo pointed out the great advantages of EDI and how Generix fitted into this whole story. Jolien Jans of Colruyt Group outlined the entire EDI landscape within their Group. All these workshops facilitated discussions about a wide range of industry and company-specific problems and solutions.

Generix supply chain hub

A highlight on the agenda was the announcement of the brand new Generix Supply Chain Hub, presented by Isabelle Badoc, Product Marketing Manager at Generix Group. Generix Supply Chain Hub will soon be officially launched. The great strength of the Supply Chain Hub is that everything is connected: Supply Chain Execution, Collaboration & Visibility, and B2B Integration. This unique solution on the market has everything to do with flexibility and performance. Needless to say, this revelation was a big step for us! More info coming soon!

The absolute secret to success

The climax of the Perspectives Day was the final outcome of ‘The absolute secret to success’. In his second intermezzo Harley took us all along in his search for success. The participants themselves actively searched for the answers. What was the conclusion? Believe in yourself and stay positive. Focus on your vision and don’t forget to have fun. Work as a team and do it now. Stay constantly curious and keep trust.

Combining technology and humanity

Perspectives Day is a great medium for us to showcase the international reach of Generix Group and how we continue to position ourselves as one of the pioneers of digital transformation and evolution. It was fascinating to see that the participants appreciated how warm and cozy the event was. In this way, we try to give a better picture of the human side of our company and emphasize the importance of the combination of technology and people in the business. The participants appreciated the ability of Generix Group to create solutions that exceed and shift boundaries to meet the real needs of the customer. The first Perspectives Day Benelux was a great success! We look forward to seeing you again next time!

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Generix Perspectives Day Benelux 2017

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