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June 25, 2018

Generix supply chain visibility, 3pl portal: secure, seamless visibility

Generix Group, a developer of SaaS solutions for Supply Chain ecosystems, announces the release of its “Generix Supply Chain Visibility” 3PL Portal, available on its Generix Supply Chain Hub platform.

Press release

“Visibility”: the tool for complete customer satisfaction

While 53% of companies complain about not having visibility on partner operations*, failing to manage Supply Chains has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, especially in e-commerce. Integrated into the Generix Supply Chain Hub, the new Generix Supply Chain Visibility 3PL Portal helps users detect visibility oversights before they affect customers, make collaborative decisions, and share action plans amongst stakeholders.

Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group commented, “Supply Chains have never been more critical to company strategy. For some companies, typically web natives, Supply Chains are an unparalleled, disruptive way to optimize customer experience and boost success stratospherically. The real gains are found in two key areas: end-to-end operations management to enhance and differentiate tools; and external data collection to optimize planning and operations, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and cutting costs.”

A complete solution…

The 3PL Portal gives logistics service providers secure visibility and collaborative management on logistics operations for buyers. The solution includes:

  • Checking available stock;
  • Managing product and site data;
  • Managing customer orders;
  • Managing supply orders;
  • Managing transport needs;
  • Tracking movements in real-time;
  • Traceability: SSCC labels, batches, dates, etc.;
  • Performance indicators

… made for shippers, which boasts the most comprehensive operational order tracking component on the market, associated with its carrier portal

Drawing on the latest technologies, ergonomics, and APIs from the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform, Generix Supply Chain Visibility is an intuitive, fast-action addition to the ecosystems of our customers’ partners, including carriers, subcontractors, buyers, and customers.

It can also be used for shipping and 3PL operations:

● Order Tracking

  • Full order fulfillment tracking;
  • Monitoring order picking and transport;
  • Calculating ETAs (estimated times of arrival);
  • Links to telematics solutions and tracking platforms;
  • Alerts and event indicators.

● Carrier Portal

  • Accepting/declining transport assignments;
  • Scheduling carrier appointments;
  • Approving pre-invoicing.

Besides complete visibility, Generix Supply Chain Visibility also helps users get their flows under control quicker and fill up Data Lake on the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform, for improved optimization, and operations and resource planning, all performed using data analysis.

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Generix supply chain visibility, 3pl portal: secure, seamless visibility

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