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August 9, 2015

GEODIS, the French logistics leader, chooses Generix Group to meet the challenges of e-commerce logistics

Paris, 8 September 2015 – GEODIS, the leading transport, and logistics operator in France has chosen the GCS logistics solution from Generix Group to meet the logistics requirements of its e-merchant customers. Generix Group is a vendor of collaborative software for the retail ecosystem. The goal? Adapt its logistic processes to the specific features of online commerce both in terms of quality and responsiveness.

Press release

Today, consumers expect e-commerce sites to provide almost instantaneous and customized delivery of goods purchased online. This demand requires that online merchants and their logistics providers implement specific processes. GEODIS, which has many leading e-commerce businesses among its customers, has taken the measure of this challenge.

“To give our e-merchant customers the means to address the new expectations from consumers, we were looking for a logistics solution tailored for e-commerce”, said Vincent Castaignède, Head of External Logistics Solutions at GEODIS. “In other words, a solution that would enable logistics processes essential to e-commerce to be carried out in our warehouses such as customizing orders, mechanized transfer of packages from storage areas to detailed picking areas or the implementation of specific picking strategies”. GEODIS chooses Generix Group to manage its warehouses in France and Europe

“We have opted for the GCS e-logistics solution to manage our warehouses in France, Italy, and Germany. In addition to the Generix Group’s excellent references in many areas, we were attracted by the opportunity to partner with the Group to develop modules in addition to those we had in-house” Vincent Castaignède went on to say.

Through this partnership, GEODIS can address the needs of its pure player e-commerce or home shopping specialist customers. The logistics operator is now able to prepare orders more rapidly, to react instantly in case of a sudden increase in demand while improving the quality and security of its logistics processes.

“Generix Group is very pleased to support a player like GEODIS in e-commerce logistics. This close collaboration is de facto confirmation of the quality of our solutions in this field and our ability to support our international customers”, concluded Isabelle Badoc, Product Marketing Manager for the Generix Group’s GCS range.

Generix Collaborative Supply Chain On Demand proposes services for logistics and transport businesses’ operations and management, particularly in an omnichannel context. To do this, it uses business processes such as:

For operations:

  • Warehouse management (WMS)
  • Transport management (TMS)
  • Supply Chain Management, particularly in collaborative mode (VMI)

For management:

  • Organization of Supply Chain Monitoring, omnichannel order management (OMS), quality management, for perfect coordination and a flawless traceability
  • The Collaborative Portal provides a full view of the chain for better anticipation and management of intercompany processes
  • Performance indicators

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GEODIS, the French logistics leader, chooses Generix Group to meet the challenges of e-commerce logistics

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