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September 26, 2013

Klesia, the result of the merge of Mornay and D&O, relies on Generix Group to help streamline its information systems and build a global data and application exchange platform.

Paris, September 26th 2013 – Social protection firm Klesia is drawing lessons from the successful implementation of Generix Group’s GCI TradeXpress exchange platform at D&O, and is extending it to the whole group.

Press release

Klesia, the 5th social protection company in France, assists 3,000,000 people and 240,000 companies in their social protection and complementary pension schemes on a daily basis. The very nature of Klesia’s activity means that the group has to exchange and share a lot of information in realtime with different actors from the pension/insurance world, the banking sector, or external service providers. In addition, Klesia’s information system includes diverse applications that have to dialogue with each other and exchange management data. Shortly before the merger and within the framework of rationalizing its information system, D&O deployed GCI TradeXpress by Generix Group to centralize and secure all internal and external flows. This successful implementation has convinced Pascal Courthial, Information Systems Director at Klesia, to roll-out the project globally. “When there is a merger, the information system is key and can even become an asset to facilitate the process, for example by rationalizing applications”, stresses Pascal Courthial. “Our current context is pushing us to create communication consistency between applications and the central integration platform. GCI TradeXpress by Generix Group has demonstrated its data integration and exchange qualities at D&O. I am very confident about the future of its roll-out in the Klesia group”.

The GCI TradeXpress platform has kept its promises: reliable monitoring of all flows, supervision, and traceability of flows, ability to easily implement new types of exchange, secure exchanges, interoperability with different systems, and the simplicity of the user interface. In addition, this solution is the unique and central intermediary between the different information systems or applications. Its role is therefore to steer all the steps of data transfer, using dedicated internal or external connectors.

“One of our challenges today is to streamline what exists and to improve performance to develop new projects”, added Pascal Courthial. “We thus need a global, computerized data and application exchange solution and to be able to control how it evolves. GCI TradeXpress will allow us to do this thanks to its flexibility and its ability to manage complex flows”.

GCI TradeXpress is the software base of the Generix Collaborative Integration range. It provides a solution to the many problems of integration: EDI, B2B, BPM, MFT, EAI, ETL, ESB. The software is based on four main components:

  • Business process management: TradeXpress Modeler
  • Data conversion: TradeXpress Designer
  • Exchange governance: TradeXpress Monitoring
  • Internal and external connectivity, thanks to some hundred connectors


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Klesia, the result of the merge of Mornay and D&O, relies on Generix Group to help streamline its information systems and build a global data and application exchange platform.

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