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September 3, 2014

Leroy Merlin chooses Generix Group to optimise its transport operations in Russia

Paris, 3 September 2014 – Leroy Merlin Russia has chosen Generix Group’s GCS TMS solution to manage its transport operations in the country. This latest deployment builds on an existing partnership between Leroy Merlin and the developer of software solutions for the manufacturing, logistics, and retail ecosystems, with the company has already deployed its GCS WMS warehouse management solution with great success.

Press release

A proven track record with the warehouse management solution

Leroy Merlin is one of the main brands of the ADEO group. This year, in Moscow, the company deployed its first logistics platform using the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain WMS solution. The deployment took just seven months to complete, with the platform also using Generix Group’s YMS yard management system and collaborative portal, which is currently used by a pool of 250 suppliers.

The next phase of the deployment, scheduled for Q3 and Q4, will involve the switch‐over of a second platform, also in Moscow. This platform has 600 suppliers, includes cross‐channel activity, and serves the Novosibirsk region. There are plans to open a further three sites, based elsewhere in Russia, by 2015.

“Our decision to use a SaaS‐mode solution for our supply chain management system was crucial. It gave us greater deployment flexibility, meant we were able to go live much more quickly and improve our ability to manage the financial aspects of our logistics information system,” explains Bernard Barfety, Director of Organisation and IT, Leroy Merlin Russia.

“GCS WMS was the perfect fit for our strategic objectives,” adds Eric Poulet, Director of Supply Chain, Leroy Merlin Russia. “With our own warehouse management solution, we have greater control over our business processes. It also gives us quick, flexible implementation capability. As well as delivering more productive and efficient logistics platforms, the solution has also improved the fluidity of our flows.”

Leroy Merlin adds GCS TMS

“With this successful collaboration under our belts, it was only natural that we chose to continue working with Generix Group to manage our logistics platform. What’s more, the SaaS‐mode solution delivers real value for money,” explains Bernard Barfety.

In early 2015, Leroy Merlin Russia is planning to deploy Generix Group’s TMS solution across all six sites that currently use WMS. By opting for an additional Generix Collaborative Supply Chain module, Leroy Merlin will benefit from fast, cost‐effective integration and will continue to receive support services from the same local GCS TMS will deliver a range of improvements, including enhancements to Leroy Merlin’s automated billing and supplier management processes (punctuality, efficiency, etc.). The solution will also offer major communication benefits – the company will be able to gain an accurate snapshot of a current truck or boat stock, track its products, streamline store and warehouse activities and provide customer information. “Quite simply, our goal is to become more competitive. We expect to be able to reduce our transport costs, as well as our logistics and store administration costs. It’s an ambitious target, but this SaaS‐mode deployment of GCS TMS is up to the task,” concludes Eric Poulet. A few words on the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain range : Thanks to its modularity and powerful settings, GCS WMS is designed to adapt to the business and organization of each company. GCS WMS is mainly for multi‐channel retailers, pure player e‐retailers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers thanks to its evolution and its ability to efficiently process warehouse flows, regardless of the products. GCS TMS is designed to help drive down transport costs, improve fill rates, and optimize carrier allocation. This comprehensive solution guarantees a quick response and reliable timekeeping, minimum stock levels, and full control of flow management. GCS YMS boosts sites’ performance with collaborative, accurate, and efficient yard management. Yard management plays a key role in organizing your transport slots by taking on board every single constraint; forecast and manage delays so you can reorganize warehouse assignments in real-time; work with carriers to provide total satisfaction, through to the end customer. With the Collaborative Portal, partners can connect directly to the business applications they use, obtain a global and real‐time view of external information, and benefit from collaborative management of logistics operations.

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Leroy Merlin chooses Generix Group to optimise its transport operations in Russia

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