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December 14, 2014

Logistics in Asia: In2Log chooses Generix Group for its new Chinese warehouse

Paris, 4 December 2014 – In2Log, an international logistics operator, calls upon Generix Group and its GCS WMS logistics solution, to manage its first Chinese warehouse.

Press release

Actively contribute to their international development by implementing advanced logistics models – this was the challenge that customers gave the logistics provider In2Log when it opened its warehouse in Shenzhen. The fact that Generix Group is present in China influenced its choice.

“In China, In2Log provides logistics services to CAFOM Group and its network of franchisees, among other companies. Although these companies have different needs, they all want to expand internationally”, says Romain Camerman, Managing Director of In2Log. “In order to support this strategic direction, we decided to acquire a warehouse of this size. However, we realized that unless we had suitable logistics we wouldn’t be able to satisfy our customers! “

With GCS WMS at the helm, the ship is in perfect hands

“Seeking a helmsman to steer this gigantic ship”, as Romain Camerman said, In2Log chose Generix Group’s GCS WMS solution.

“We were particularly impressed by Generix Group’s know-how in logistics services adapted to the realities of leading distributors like CAFOM. Moreover, from a purely commercial point of view, the fact that it has some major French distributors among its customers is a definite advantage during the canvassing stage”, says Romain Camerman.

Using GCS WMS is a real advantage for a logistics provider, as this software solution benefits from the experience of the community of customer logisticians. This pay-as-you-use software integrates business processes that are specific to each sector and enables much higher productivity and profitability.

The solution was installed in China, over a short period, by the Generix Group team in total collaboration with their In2Log counterparts. During this phase, the experts from Generix Group provided precious advice on how to set up and use the solution according to the functional requirements of In2Log customers (cross-docking, picking, etc.) to optimize costs and quality of service.

Fast results, showing that Generix Group is capable of supporting its customers in the Asian market

“After opening our warehouse one year ago, we are really satisfied with our collaboration with Generix Group. With the solution GCS WMS, we are now able to support our customers’ international development from the West Indies to Australia, China, and East Asia”, says Romain Camerman.

“Generix Group has great ambitions for the Chinese market. Supporting customers, like CAFOM in their international development in Asia is an important part of our strategy and it consolidates our current presence in 30 countries”, concludes Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group.

A few words about Generix Collaborative Supply Chain Thanks to its modularity and powerful settings, GCS WMS is designed to adapt to the business and organization of each company. GCS WMS is mainly for multi-channel retailers, pure player e-retailers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers thanks to its evolution and its ability to efficiently process warehouse flows, regardless of the products.

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Logistics in Asia: In2Log chooses Generix Group for its new Chinese warehouse

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