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September 23, 2021

Makro, a Metro group company, bets on "data-driven" logistics with Generix Group solutions

Makro, a hospitality distribution company, aware of the importance of information and documentation for logistical decision-making, has undertaken the construction of a “Control Tower” for its logistics network and the integration of all its platforms, relying on the warehouse management system (WMS) of Generix Group, a publisher of collaborative solutions for the supply chain.

Press release

Makro has extensive experience as a reference partner for the hospitality sector. Thus, control and com-mitment to logistics service are key factors for the company. Aware of this, its strategy is to further strengthen this position, gaining the ability to adapt and make decisions, from the visibility of the supply chain to continue building an adapted and improved logistics, as well as a “data-driven” chain that facilitates agile decision-making based on research and data.

Betting on customer service and omnicanality

Omni-channeling and improving online services is another priority for its on-trade customers, which it serves directly in its establishments. To achieve this, the digitalization of the supply chain will be one of the keys to its success. Makro has therefore decided to tackle it proactively and with the right tools, a Control Tower for collecting and monitoring information and an integrated and unique warehouse management system for all its platforms that allows for the continuous improvement of its operations.

Solutions adopted from Generix Group

To carry out this profound change Makro has chosen several solutions from the Generix Supply Chain Hub suite:

  • On the one hand, it has decided to implement the warehouse management solution, Generix WMS in its warehouses. The Generix Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows exhaustive control of all warehouse operations, making all information available in real time and facilitating rapid decision-making. Its ease of parameterization and use by the customer, the functional depth available, the experience in the sector and its multi-warehouse and multi-operational management capacity were some of the reasons for this choice.
  • In addition, they will implement the Generix YMS truck yard management solution, which will allow for an exhaustive control of the truck transit of their platforms, maximizing the warehouse’s capacities, harmonizing entries, exits and loading processes, eliminating administrative processes and automating the booking with the carriers. A decisive task for a company seeking the greatest efficiency in its logistics operations.

Having all the relevant information in real time is the first step for an ambitious logistics growth plan like the one they want to implement. This is how Makro managers have understood it and to do so they have decided that the WMS and YMS tools of Generix are the solution. We are really proud to accompany them in this project“, says Philippe Ducellier General Manager of Generix Group Spain.

"Our goal was to benefit from solutions that not only allow the highest logistics efficiency today, but al-so allow the ability to adapt to the changes that are coming. All this with precise control in real time of our warehouses and integrated with our management systems (ERP). In this way, we can make deci-sions in the shortest time possible, gaining agility and efficiency"

Carmelo Asegurado
Head of Supply Chain, Makro

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Makro, a Metro group company, bets on "data-driven" logistics with Generix Group solutions

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