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May 30, 2018

New generix data lake solution harnesses the power of big data in supply chain

Generix Group announces its Data Lake solution, available on its Generix Supply Chain Hub platform, to run predictive analytics on company data.

Generix Group, an editor of SaaS solutions for the Supply Chain ecosystem, announces the release of Data Lake on Generix Supply Chain Hub and the latest developments in predictive analytics for company data.

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Data Lake: the key to processing company data

A data lake is a method of storing data in its natural format using big data. The solution stores all data transmitted including invoices, order tracking, product tracking, and warehouse, transport, and supply management. This sizeable amount of information is a source of untapped potential for companies.

According to Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group, “One of the challenges for big data today is storing as much data as possible in as much detail as possible so that new artificial intelligence or machine learning apps can use the data and unlock its full potential. But storage has a price tag attached, often a high one, and that forces companies to make tough choices. Our Generix Data Lake solution is an unlimited and completely secure solution at a very reasonable price compared to traditional storage packages.”

The best solution for storing Supply Chain data

Generix Group chose Big Data architecture for Data Lake’s technical setup.

Using Generix Data Lake companies can:

  • Improve the performance of resource planning
  • Feed analytics or predictive drivers and models
  • Import data into business intelligence solutions or corporate data lakes
  • Set up and run analyses and data visualization with a directly integrated solution.

Specifically, the solution can:

  • Supply operational planning tools.
  • Reorganize warehouse stock to cut mileage and improve productivity.
  • Group together and consolidate packaging materials by optimizing parcel preparation and cutting transport costs.
  • Study historical data for delivery rounds (problems, delays, per recipient, per carrier, etc.) to calculate, combine, and organize future deliveries as efficiently as possible.

With increasing customer demands, companies now have to measure themselves against the competition using reliable operational benchmarks. Generix Data Lake helps the Supply Chain community set up reference performance indicators so that each company can compare itself with others, completely anonymously, and then enact the changes and improvements needed to stay competitive.

Generix Data Lake is fully compliant with data protection regulations, including the GDPR. The solution also provides optimal data security access.

Moreover, Generix Data Lake can be deployed simply and quickly through the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform.

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New generix data lake solution harnesses the power of big data in supply chain

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