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June 7, 2013

With the new version 5.2 of GCI TradeXpress, Generix Group offers new control, integration and connectivity solutions for exchanges of data between companies

Paris, 7 June 2013 – Generix Group unveils the latest version of its GCI TradeXpress integration platform. Version 5.2 of the software enables business users of the gateway to rationalize and optimize their control over data exchanges and increase the capacity for connectivity with their B2B ecosystem.

Press release

GCI TradeXpress is the integration solution marketed by Generix Group and is aimed at companies who are looking for a unified solution for their EDI/B2B integration, MFT, A2A, e-invoicing, portal, and B2B roll-out projects. It has already attracted over 1,000 user companies thanks to its functional qualities, performance, reliability, and value for money. With version 5.2 of GCI TradeXpress, Generix Group is developing the strategic areas of its road map, which include:

  • Enabling users to control data flows relating to the B2B process, which is now easier with the new GCI TradeXpress Business Visibility console
  • Incorporating all the B2B and A2A integration functions in a single solution, which is now a reality for e-invoicing and archiving with Invoice Manager V3
  • Enabling 100% connectivity for partners, regardless of their nationality or business sector, which is why ESFTP, OFTP2 and DMP connectors have now been added to GCI TradeXpress

“In terms of electronic data exchanges, companies are facing new challenges in controlling their data flows, having the right information to interact in business processes, complying with commercial and tax regulations, and responding quickly to their clients’ connection requirements. The goal of GCI TradeXpress 5.2 is to support our clients in facing these multiple challenges,” explains Christophe Viry, Product Director of the Generix Collaborative Integration range. In summary, the main benefits of GCI TradeXpress 5.2 are:

  • The new Business Visibility console, which enables users in functional departments to control data flows relating to the business processes they are responsible for and to receive alerts about business events.
  • The integration of e-invoicing and legal archiving functions within the GCI TradeXpress software. This gives the user a library of business processes dedicated to electronic invoicing that can be used within the B2B gateway to rationalise the management of B2B exchanges.
  • The option of using the new OFTP2 transport protocol, which enables secure exchanges over the Internet within the industrial sector as an alternative to the use of fee-paying EDI VANs.
  • Connections to specialised software in the health sector with the Dossier Médical Partagé (shared medical record), expanding the use of the HL7 standard and ASIP CPS certificates.
  • The opportunity of using the SFTP protocol in server mode from GCI TradeXpress to manage file transfer flows in a secure mode.

In addition to these major evolutions, version 5.2 of GCI TradeXpress also offers many other “minor” improvements, bug fixes, and the certification of the software and its connectors for new environments. GCI TradeXpress is a complete solution for managing EDI/B2B/MFT/ETL/EAI integration processes, data transformation, and IT system connectivity thanks to its hundred or so connectors. It provides flow control, real-time visibility, and traceability of exchanges, management of user KPIs via control panels, and alerts about business events for key users in the company. The GCI TradeXpress solution, including these latest innovations, is available under license or as an on-demand service provided by Generix Group.


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With the new version 5.2 of GCI TradeXpress, Generix Group offers new control, integration and connectivity solutions for exchanges of data between companies

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