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June 24, 2021

Nutrition & Santé engages in the digital transformation of its transport operations with Generix Group

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, announces that it has been chosen by Nutrition & Santé for the digital transformation of its transport operations for France, Italy, Spain and Benelux.

Press release

Nutrition & Santé is a French company with its headquarters in the southwest of France. With a portfolio of about thirty brands, among which Gerblé, Céréal Bio, Soy, Gerlinéa or Isostar, Nutrition & Santé is a pioneer in healthy and organic food. The company owns 5 subsidiaries and 11 production centers in France and Spain and exports its products to 25 countries.

Nutrition & Santé has undertaken the digital transformation of its transport operations in order to meet four major challenges: the optimization of its transport flows, the control of its environmental impact, the improvement of the efficiency of its transport operations and, finally, their standardization.

In order to achieve all these objectives, Nutrition & Santé chose Generix Group’s TMS (Transport Management System) solution, as well as its Datapower reporting and analytics module, the Supply Chain Visibility portal enabling exchanges with all stakeholders and, lastly, the PTV solution for route management. Moreover, the physical presence of local Generix Group teams specialized in TMS in the subsidiaries where both companies are present was decisive in Nutrition & Santé’s final decision.

The project is scheduled to last 6 months. First deployed in France, it could be deployed in a second phase in Benelux, Italy and Spain.

It is an honor to count Nutrition & Santé among our new TMS customers. As we recently announced by being listed in Gartner’s “Europe context – Magic quadrant for TMS”* report, the functional richness of our solution and the extent of our market coverage with international shippers such as Nutrition & Santé confirm our leadership and our ability to support our customers in the transformation of their supply chain operations, thanks to our digital platform Generix Supply Chain Hub”, comments Philippe Seguin, General Manager of Generix Group in France.

*Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems 2021 – Europe context” is available here

“The multiplicity of our production sites and the complexity of our distribution flows led us to accelerate the digital transformation of our transport operations at the end of 2020. The functional coverage of Generix Group's TMS, the quality of the support provided by its teams and the strict compliance with our security requirements – in particular ISO 27001 certification – were decisive factors in our choice of partner. Moreover, the presence of Generix Group teams with expertise in TMS issues in the project's target geographies is key to the success of the deployment in compliance with the defined schedule”

Purchasing & Supply Chain Director, Nutrition & Santé

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Nutrition & Santé engages in the digital transformation of its transport operations with Generix Group

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