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July 2, 2013

Obligation for CO2 labelling for transport services: Generix Group and European TK’Blue Agency launch the first deal for optimised management of eco-environmental performance

Paris, 2nd July 2013 – To anticipate the regulatory obligation for CO2 labeling for transport services, Generix Group, editor of collaborative software for the Retail ecosystem, and European TK’Blue Agency, the first extra-financial rating agency evaluating the environmental footprint of the logistics chain, have decided to combine their expertise. This partnership takes the form of the first transport management system (GCS TMS) offer to include the supply chain economic and environmental performance indicator (TK’Blue).

Press release

In just three months, on 1st October 2013, all freight carriers will have to provide CO2 information. This obligation will concern all public or private persons organizing or selling transport services, regardless of the mode of transport and the size of the company. Generix Group, the leading editor of collaborative supply chain software, always strives to stay in tune with its customers’ operational needs, and thus decided to give its customers and freight forwarders the opportunity to automatically access the services provided by TK’Blue: • Access to TK’Blue measuring and steering tools to compare their global eco-environmental performances over time and in relation to other players in the same sector, to tie in with the European Commission’s new strategy for 2011-2014 and the obligation to write a CSR report in 2014. • Compulsory CO2 labeling for all transport operations as of 1st October 2013, in compliance with the obligation set down by the French Grenelle II Act. Customers can thus demonstrate their societal commitment to reduce their environmental footprint to all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, authorities, investors). Integrating all transport modes (road, rail, sea, river, air) and in full compliance with regulations, TK’Blue tools, coupled with the GCS TMS transport tool by Generix Group, provide precise information in real-time to logistic chain players.

This partnership translates into the implementation of mutual connectors in GCS TMS and in the TK‘Blue portal. Information exchange between tools is automatic, which means there is no need to manually re-enter or transfer files. These new eco-responsible information requirements and environmental quality measuring and steering requirements are thus met at no additional administrative cost.

“We are delighted with this partnership with TK’Blue Agency”, explained Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group. “Thanks to this tool, which fully manages our customers’ eco-responsible performances, we are enhancing our transport management offer in the best possible way!” Philippe Mangeard, Chairman of European TK’Blue Agency added: “The reputation of Generix Group and its strong presence on the supply chain market will allow us to accelerate our growth in France and abroad. We are very proud of this partnership agreement and very optimistic about the success of our joint offer.”

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Obligation for CO2 labelling for transport services: Generix Group and European TK’Blue Agency launch the first deal for optimised management of eco-environmental performance

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