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February 4, 2021

The Portuguese industrial baker Costa & Ferreira implements Generix WMS solution at its logistics provider FrioRiver

The Warehouse Management System is being implemented at FrioRiver, the logistics provider owned by Costa & Ferreira which is specialized in storage and product transportation in a controlled-temperature environment.

Press release

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, was selected by Costa & Ferreira to implement Generix WMS at FrioRiver – the new logistics provider of the group located in Rio Maior. The solution will ensure the optimized management of all FrioRiver’s logistics processes, a 3PL specialized in storage, handling and product transportation at negative temperatures.

Costa & Ferreira Group is expanding its facilities and has created a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with top-of-the-range refrigeration, storage and handling equipment, which ensure the availability and quality of its products all year round. To control all the activities inside this new logistics center, Costa & Ferreira challenged Generix Group to find a scalable and flexible solution, capable of fully managing all FrioRiver’s logistics operations

FrioRiver, in addition to differentiating itself by the quality of its facilities and equipment, intends to differentiate itself by the quality of its logistics customer service, as well as by the efficiency and speed of its processes. The project started in mid-October 2020 is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The main goal is to guarantee a fully digital, efficient and professional business process, able to meet the company’s customer needs on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year.

Starting from scratch – the project

Starting from scratch was the great advantage for the success of the current project. For this reason, it was possible to ensure the customer that, within three months, the entire system is operational and ready to go. Generix Group designed a WMS project for FrioRiver. In the same warehouse, the WMS will allow dedicated management of different customers, maintaining a global view of the available space, the utilization of the operators, the equipment in use and other resources. WMS provides performance indicators suitable for effective supervision, at the level of global operations as well as at the level of individual performance by customer, shift, operator, etc.

Through planning tools and performance indicators, the operations manager has a real-time perception of the entire logistics process execution. A full automation process – from A to Z – has been created in order to minimize human intervention, increase productivity and reduce errors. FrioRiver is also able to receive and send all relevant information to customers digitally. Products are received, stored, prepared, packaged and shipped according to well-defined rules, controlled by the WMS, allowing a simple and productive Lean logistics process. The WMS solution is ready to meet all the requirements of large distribution and markets such as Horeca. Generix Group teams designed warehouse flows, optimizing logistic processes according to the product and the final customer.

2020 has shown us not only the difficulties and shortcomings of many companies, but also the value and potential of technology to meet Supply Chain’s needs and challenges. Investment in transport and warehouse management systems, advanced replenishment tools, visibility & collaboration platforms have become essential for business success”, says Pedro Gordo, Supply Chain Business Manager at Generix Group. “The challenge launched by C&F was an excellent opportunity for us to be able to integrate a flexible solution, ready to meet all the current and future customer needs.

Having a reliable, complete and communicative Warehouse Management System that is quick to implement, represents a significant advantage for our project. For this reason, Costa & Ferreira trusted the implementation and management of the Warehouse Management System of Generix Group”, says Deborah Barbosa, General Director of Grupo Costa & Ferreira.The solution that we are implementing will be fundamental to improve our distribution throughout the national territory, and absolutely necessary to be able to guarantee our customers and consumers products with the high quality that we are known for.”

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The Portuguese industrial baker Costa & Ferreira implements Generix WMS solution at its logistics provider FrioRiver

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