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October 6, 2014

Process control and real-time visibility : Generix Group announces the release of Business Governance for GCI TradeXpress

Paris, 6 October 2014 – As operational performance and cost reduction strategies lead to ever more data exchange activities, business management teams require increasingly stringent process control and real-time visibility capabilities. Generix Group, the leading extended Supply Chain and B2B integration developer announce the release of a new data exchange governance console, designed specifically for GCI TradeXpress exchange platform users.

Press release

A new, user-friendly experience with business information access at its core ​​​​​​​Business Governance has been developed in conjunction with a panel of end-users and renowned ergonomics experts, offering a brand new user experience for existing GCI TradeXpress customers. The platform features an intuitive, high-performance interface driven by information access and business indicators. Business Governance provides real-time data exchange tracking capabilities, and users are able to track these exchanges at varying levels of detail, from business processes and integration scenarios to individual documents, files, and EDI/B2B messages. The module offers end-to-end control of each and every sales or logistics operation, delivering an aggregated overview of a given time period by exchange type or trading partner. Ten reasons to choose Business Governance Business Governance offers a vast array of benefits, including

  1. A cockpit featuring user-defined business indicators displayed in the form of widgets, such as activity gauges, graph-based KPIs, trend diagrams, etc.
  2. A streamlined, easy-to-use system that facilitates user uptake
  3. Graph-based system management indicators: partition, memory, drives, etc.
  4. Improved business alert management by incident category
  5. Distribution of configurable notification messages to functional users
  6. A unified interface, providing access to supervision, configuration, and administration functions from a single entry point
  7. A reduced number of user interfaces, replaced by a web console
  8. Rearranged configuration, settings, and administration interfaces, delivering an improved user experience
  9. A user-customizable interface: themes, colors, logos, tracking tables, etc
  10. ​​​​​​​Numerous user-friendly features: tab-based navigation, right-click activation, drag & drop, shortcut access, etc.

Modern technology: Web 2.0 and Responsive Web Design As the digital enterprise becomes a reality, Business Governance is designed to reflect today’s online technology environment and meet the demands of “digital native” users. The solution has been developed to the very latest Web 2.0 standards (JSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript) and features built-in Twitter Bootstrap components. This cuttingedge approach delivers high-performance forms, buttons and other navigation elements, as well as “responsive”, adaptive interfaces that are compatible with multiple user devices (mobile, PC, tablet, etc.). Get Business Governance now and enjoy rapid ROI The non-intrusive Business Governance interface is quick to install on all GCI TradeXpress versions currently supported by Generix Group. So you can enjoy the innovative benefits of Business Governance straight away. Contact your Customer Service Manager without delay to enjoy this new experience for yourself…

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Process control and real-time visibility : Generix Group announces the release of Business Governance for GCI TradeXpress

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