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November 18, 2013

Refresco France manages its transport "On Demand" with Generix Group

Paris, November 18, 2013 – Refresco France, a major player on the soft drinks market, opts for SaaS transport and yard management solutions coupled with performance indicators by Generix Group, editor of collaborative software for retail. GCS TMS and GCS YMS associated with GCS KPIs Cockpit will allow Refresco to improve and ensure reliable management of its transport operations.

Press release

Refresco is a major bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers in the Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Finland. With a turnover of €410 million, Refresco France produces around 770 million units and manages up to 100,000 pallets in storage thanks to its tried and tested systems. “With some of our industrial partners, we have developed a logistics approach whereby we have centralized flows to joint customers. We use efficient collaborative processes like computerized data exchange, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), pooling and transport organization,” explains Vincent Delozière, Managing Director of Refresco France, with pride. Going further in optimizing transport… “To accompany our growth, we wanted solutions able to keep up with the rapid development of our distribution model and to help us optimize the way we manage relationships with carriers,” continues Vincent Delozière. Refresco, which already had the Vendor Managed Inventory tool by Generix Collaborative Supply Chain (GCS EWRPlus), thus renews its trust in Generix Group by choosing the On-Demand transport (GCS TMS) and yard management (GCS YMS) solutions, coupled with GCS KPIs Cockpit performance indicators. Collaboration and visibility are imperative today for an efficient supply chain. The solutions proposed by Generix Group give Refresco France the ability to:

  • Make productivity gains from dispatch management,
  • Make savings thanks to optimizing the calculation of transport costs and to checking invoices,
  • Have a global and collaborative steering system involving our partners and carriers.

… with the agility of SaaS Generix On Demand is the first on-demand business application service bundle. It combines speed and ease of implementation and guarantees budget control.

“The SaaS model for the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain convinced us because it fits in perfectly with our enterprise strategy. Its use for managing transport and the yard will facilitate the implementation of centralized transport management and simplify the implementation of our logistics diagrams, in particular where pooling is concerned,” explains Benoît Parent, Director of logistics operations for Refresco France. “We also expect a clear improvement concerning the calculation and monitoring of our transport costs from the GCS TMS solution. This will help us to reach the performance targets of our global supply chain,” he added. A few words on the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain range: GCS TMS is designed to help drive down transport costs, improve fill rates, and optimize carrier allocation. This solution ensures reliable management of transport costs and makes large budget savings. It encourages collaborative work with carriers on a dedicated portal, to monitor flows and react quickly to any unplanned events. GCS YMS boosts sites’ performance with collaborative, accurate, and efficient yard management, in total interaction with warehouse operations. GCS YMS allows carriers to arrange their slots on a portal that integrates the site’s constraints. The yard management tool helps to manage late or early arrivals by reorganizing slots depending on activity. GCS KPIs Cockpit is a decision aid tool that provides a host of indicators to facilitate warehouse control and analysis operations and to boost the efficiency of employees. Organization, development opportunities, investment choices, training choices, and choices to change model are some of the indicators which make up proper strategic avenues for improvement for Supply Chain actors.

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Refresco France manages its transport "On Demand" with Generix Group

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