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June 16, 2014

Russia : FM Logistic opts for Generix Group's SaaS solution for its Fresh Products operations

Paris, 17 June 2014 – For its Fresh Products operations, FM Logistic, a leading logistics provider in the Russian market, has opted for the GCS WMS SaaS solution of Generix Group, a vendor of collaborative software for the retail ecosystem, signaling closer ties between the two companies.

Press release

FM Logistic operates storage facilities across Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, representing a combined surface area of 520,000 sq. m. The company is therefore well placed to expand its operations in the country. It works with international customers, offering a comprehensive range of Supply Chain services (storage, distribution, co-packing, and customs clearance). New positioning in the Fresh Products sector “FM Logistic Russia’s key objectives are to expand its transport operations, enter new regions, and move into new markets, such as the pharmacy sector in 2015. With our long-standing experience in the food industry, we are well placed to grow our Fresh Products business,” explains Christophe Ménivard, Managing Director, FM Logistic Russia. In June 2013, FM Logistic took over Univeg Logistics Russia (now known as FM Fresh), a specialist fresh product logistics provider. This acquisition is intended to support the company’s growth strategy and cement its position in this new sector. “The growth outlook is extremely positive for FM Fresh. As such, we needed a flexible, reliable, comprehensive warehouse management solution that we could deploy quickly. We’re delighted with the results we’ve had from GCS WMS so far,” adds Mr. Ménivard. An agile SaaS solution FM Logistic already uses Generix Group’s solutions for customers such as Auchan (Russia and Poland). The company has once again chosen Generix Group for its business, this time opting for GCS WMS (SaaS) and GCS KPIs Cockpit for FM Fresh. This agile warehouse management solution allows users to adapt their business model to reflect usage trends and variations in business activity. FM Logistic has been using the solution to manage its Fresh Products activities for Atak Russia (approx. 451,000 picking lines per month) and O’Key for several months. “I’m delighted that Generix Group is now able to offer a comprehensive set of cloud-based processes across Russia. We are the only company that provides a solution capable of handling any number of sites, irrespective of their location or number of users. It is designed to reflect the ever-changing nature of the market. It is a truly agile Supply Chain solution conceived with growth and commercial flexibility in mind,” explains Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group.

“As well as offering high-quality solutions, Generix Group also works in close partnership with us. The solution that we provide our customers is the result of this close collaboration. Generix Group is well placed to help us grow our business. That’s a real asset,” adds Mr. Ménivard.

A few words on the Generix Collaborative Supply Chain range:

Thanks to its modularity and powerful settings, GCS WMS is designed to adapt to the business and organization of each company. GCS WMS is mainly for multi-channel retailers, pure player e-retailers, manufacturers, and logistics service providers thanks to its evolution and its ability to efficiently process warehouse flows, regardless of the products.

GCS KPIs Cockpit is a decision aid tool that provides a host of indicators to facilitate warehouse control and analysis operations and to boost the efficiency of employees. The organization, development opportunities, investment choices, training choices, and choices to change model are some of the indicators which make up proper strategic avenues for improvement for Supply Chain actors.

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Russia : FM Logistic opts for Generix Group's SaaS solution for its Fresh Products operations

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