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October 5, 2021

Stokomani adopts Generix WMS for its new logistics platform

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, announces having been chosen by Stokomani, a leading brand name destocking company, for its new logistics site, located in Venette, France. The Generix WMS solution will be at the heart of the company’s fourth and largest warehouse in the department.

Press release

Generix is proud to collaborate with Stokomani for this new important step in the company’s development. Today, Stokomani renews its confidence in Generix, which has been a daily partner for more than ten years in Stokomani’s logistics operations, both with WMS, OMS and TMS solutions (Road and Great Import) for physical flows, and in the management of its logical flows, thanks to its EDI TradeXpress solution.

Since the beginning of their collaboration, Generix has been able to work together with Stokomani during the successive stages of its growth, from the first warehouse in 2010 until today with the opening of the company’s largest logistics platform, which now covers 150,000 sqm of logistics space, including 72,000 sqm covered by the opening of this new center. This new mechanized logistics center is designed to support Stokomani’s strategy of continuous improvement and expansion by supplying the company’s 125 sales outlets.

Generix WMS, combined with the automated installations of this new warehouse (a sorter with a capacity of 6,000 parcels/hour) and the automation of various elements of the site, including 19 autonomous AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) for the pallets’ handling, will allow to rationalize the logistic organization of the company to improve the productivity and the global performance of the warehouse.

“We are proud to continue working with Stokomani on this new challenge. The opening of this automated logistics warehouse represented a major challenge, due to its size and the various mechanized elements that were integrated into it. Generix teams have worked closely with Stokomani’s teams to meet this challenge and enable the company to improve the overall performance of logistics operations in this new warehouse,” emphasizes Philippe Seguin, General Manager of Generix Group in France.

"To achieve our new development objectives, we need to operate increasingly efficient warehouses. This means, among other things, automating our logistics sites in order to increase our productivity without losing quality. To do so, we quickly turned to Generix, our reliable partner for over ten years. Their WMS perfectly meets our needs and seemed to be the best option for the opening of this new base, our fourth and largest site located in the Oise region."

Jérémy Lemière
Supply Chain Director, Stokomani

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Stokomani adopts Generix WMS for its new logistics platform

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