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Automate the processing of purchase invoices

Supply Chain Execution & Visibility
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With Generix Invoice Services and Generix AP Automation, you benefit from a unique solution to digitize the entire accounts payable process, from data acquisition to invoice reconciliation and approval, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Mandatory electronic invoicing is becoming more and more widespread worldwide and the digital transformation of companies is accelerating. In this environment, Generix innovates with a unique solution for e-invoicing, regulatory compliance, Purchase to Pay, Account Payable Automation and Supply Chain financing. 

Generix AP Automation, a modern solution, built for the cloud, integrating Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, suggestion engines and Analytics.

Reduce your purchase invoice processing costs by 75-80%, saving up to €10 per document

Reduce the processing time of your supplier invoices with or without purchase order from 15 days to 3 days

Develop visibility and traceability of operations for your organization and your suppliers

Automate the detection of errors, duplicates and different types of fraud (third party, amount, transfers, etc.)

Improve company margins by eliminating penalties and deploying innovative discounting and financing programs

Use a single, modern solution to digitize the Ok-to-pay process by leveraging AI, RPA, Cloud and Analytics technologies

Reasons to choose Generix AP Automation

Continuously improve your performance through suggestion and learning engines 

Govern your end-to-end process with end2end Analytic dashboards

Customize the solution according to your organization, your invoice types and internal rules

Rely on our triple expertise: business, technical and regulatory

Ensure your company's compliance in 60 countries

Enjoy a native cloud solution with new features every quarter

Main features

Invoice Capture: 

Capture 100% of supplier data via various acquisition technologies including EDI, portal, PO Flip, email and OCR generation IA/ML

Automatic Reconciliation: 

Reconcile your invoices with your orders, your receipts and your other purchasing repositories

Approval Workflow: 

Orchestrate your invoice approval workflows by involving accountants, buyers, logisticians and your suppliers

Early Payment Discount:

Offer original financing programs to your suppliers to optimize cash management

Automatic & Manual Payment: 

Pay your purchase invoices by choosing the payment method and respecting the banking standards

Purchase to Pay: 

Deploy all P2P transactions at your own pace: purchase orders, modifications, shipments, receipts, forecasts, inventories, etc.

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