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Generix Onboarding services

Reduce cost of integration of partners

Save 50 to 70% of the integration cost of a partner

Speed up the recruitment of a B2B partner

Take on all your partners twice as fast

Benefit from the size of the generix community

Join a community of 40,000 already connected companies to facilitate your electronic deployment

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Generix Onboarding Services

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Solution Onboarding Managed Services

86% of companies resort to inter-company electronic exchanges to reduce administrative management costs. To take full advantage of the benefits of this digitization, the company must quickly and inexpensively connect an increasing number of B2B partners.

Generix Onboarding Services is the solution for automating all partner recruitment tasks: capacity surveys, qualification of contacts, information on campaigns, distribution of specifications, implementation of tests, dispute management and monitoring operations. It greatly reduces the time required to take on board a B2B partner. It does away with tasks with a low added value and improves your R.O.I. threshold

With Generix Onboarding Services you build and run your B2B community and facilitate all your business collaborations. The solution comes with value-added services for successful deployment: a 24/hr hot line of business users, methodology of affiliation project and expertise in community administration.



Modeling of the deployment campaigns

Set the workflow for each project according to the deployment nature: supplier affiliation, application uptake, updating of messages or certificates.

Management of your community

Build your B2B community, keep your standard partners, notify and invite your suppliers with the Community Management functions.

Technical and functional auto test

Automate test campaigns, operational acceptance of B2B message or technical certification by empowering your suppliers.

Shared calendar management

Plan the deployment of each partner according to scheduled maturities, manage reminders.

Document sharing

Allow for an updated and real time access to the documents: exchange agreements, data model, game testing, prerequisites, campaign pitches

Reporting and governance of campaigns

Manage your deployment with indicators of progress and performance by supplier, business, country or campaign type


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day