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With e-commerce, logistics is contacting the end customer, its performance directly impacts the company’s reputation. The flow management solution dedicated to the omni-channel distribution of Generix allows you to meet these challenges. The biggest names in e-commerce and many retailers have already deployed them.

Adapt to problems
Absorb the peak volumes and the growth of e-commerce business by limiting the use of new resources.
Pool logistical means
Manage your B2B, B2C, B2B2C streams with a single device that can dynamically adapt to any type of commands.
Enrich customer promise
Give visibility to your inventory and your deliveries, offer new services: packaging, delayed differentiation, booking of transport etc.
Main features
Sorting receipts and returns
Ensure the minimum time of making available a product approved in stock for sale on the e-commerce site.
Managing mixed flows
Offer the largest selection in the catalog by limiting the number of references immobilized: combine stocked flow and cross-docking.
Intelligent scheduling
Select the preparation modes (massification, pick & pack, ...) to best mobilize your resources and guarantee departures on time ...
Pick slot multi-modes
Manage all formats (retail, cartons, outsized) and all distribution channels (store,L to D, pick-up points) from the same site.
Delayed differentiation
Innovate and offer services with added value to your website customers. Look after your brand image through your packaging and kitting.
Last-mile transport
Widen your delivery offering in complete control: transport mobility connection, route optimization, choice of appointments in busy time slots.
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- 23/03/2020
Product Sheet Generix WMS e-Logistics

To develop business on the Internet, you need to offer a wide range of products and services for delivery, adjust to unpredictable changes in volume, process orders in real-time, deliver goods without error and quickly to the place of delivery chosen by customers, with the carrier of their choice.

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- 22/03/2020
Generix WMS Product sheet

Whatever the size of your company, lowering the cost of logistics operations is key to profitability.

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- 22/03/2020
Absolute Guide WMS

In order for warehouses to fulfill their new strategic role in companies, they must be managed by a WMS that integrates best practices and the latest technology.

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