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Brief introduction of AB Inbev

With more than 500 beer brands worldwide, Anheuser-Busch InBev is the leading brewer and one of the world's top five consumer goods companies. They share their passion for brewing the highest quality beer with nearly 200,000 colleagues in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The origin of their activities goes back to 1366 to the Den Hoorn Brewery in Leuven (Belgium). Meanwhile, AB Inbev has more than 3,000 employees in Belgium.

Some of their best-known beers that are drunk worldwide are: Stella Artois, Jupiler, Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet, Goose Island, Brahma, Skol, Ginette, Cubanisto, Corona, Belle-vue, Victoria, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Budweiser,... They also have a wide range of non-alcoholic beers.

Inge Keymolen
Digital Logistic Director EU
AB Inbev
"With Generix Collaborative Replenishment, we enjoy an optimal collaboration with our retailers. Through daily stock optimisation, we ensure that our customers always have the ideal number of AB Inbev products in stock. This way, the consumer can always count on the availability of our beers."
Inge Keymolen
Digital Logistic Director EU
AB Inbev

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The project in details

In 2008, AB Inbev started using the collaborative replenishment solution of Generix Group to better manage their stock. Due to the ever-increasing demands of the consumer, this became essential for more retailers and AB Inbev had a growing need for the then current VMI solution.

Over the years, the Generix Group solution has expanded to become the current Generix Collaborative Replenishment. In addition to the focus on stock optimisation, transport efficiency is also taken into account. AB Inbev was one of the first to jump on the wagon to be able to focus even better on the requirements of the market.

Today, Generix Group has put together an international project team to meet the further needs of AB Inbev and its retailers. In this way, expansion to other countries and their local retailers can be achieved relatively easily.

AB Inbev
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