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Retail & Consumer Goods
January 4, 2023

Auchan Russia

implemented a WMS from Generix Group

Use Case

About the customer

Auchan is a French retail chain operator, one of the largest in the world. Auchan has about 3,000 hypermarkets and supermarkets. The Auchan Vostok group includes the brand’s operations in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. In these countries there are 25 distribution centres, which carry out more than 20 million orders per month.

The project in details

A partnership of companies

Auchan and Generix Group have been global partners for many years. Until 2015, Auchan Group used Generix’s licensed solutions. At that time, the warehouse management system covered part of the product categories. In 2016, the company globally selected Generix Group as the WMS solution provider for a new category – fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, frozen meat, etc.). Previously this category had been served by another developer’s WMS. With the system upgrade to the Generix solution, it was decided to switch from the licence model to SaaS for the “dry warehouse” as well.

Goals & Objectives

Prior to implementing the Generix WMS, Auchan used three separate systems for managing the fresh produce warehouse segment, each performing a limited set of functions. The retailer’s goal was to improve warehouse operations, namely to increase warehouse productivity and quality. As part of the entire project, WMS implementation was planned for warehouses in St. Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

For this purpose it was necessary to switch from the licence model to the SaaS model and to unite the complex of processes in one solution:

  • receipt, placement, storage, shipment of goods;
  • cross-docking;
  • packaging and labeling;
  • work with alcohol products;
  • Generation of billing documents, EDI;
  • event tracking;
  • shipment planning and management;
  • control and analysis of transport efficiency.

Implementation and results

The deployment of the WMS at the company’s facilities in the Russian Federation was completed in January 2017. Auchan Vostok received an integrated solution for warehouse and transport logistics management, which can handle up to 350 users simultaneously.

Generix Group solutions helped the retail chain operator:

  • use a single WMS system across all sites and product categories, making it easier to train staff, implement warehouse processes with a single scanner;
  • to standardize and duplicate processes at several sites in parallel within 1 year by developing a Core model for different types of warehouses
  • increase productivity, turnover and quality of warehouse operations, manage stock levels and warehouse logistics with ease
  • gain full control of operations, track errors, collect and analyse data
  • reduce the burden on staff, automate part of the document flow.

The replacement of several applications by a single platform in the SaaS format has significantly reduced the cost of providing warehouse logistics. The SaaS model assumes payment only for consumed volumes, and the higher the volume of the processed lines, the lower the cost per unit in total.

The Generix implemented WMS is now also used by 3PL partners such as FM Logistic, STS Logistics, and others.

They are using our solutions

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