Selects generix group WMS: solution will operate via web with clients



About Bagergs

Bagergs' activities involve warehousing and moving national goods and Import and Export Customs Storage, with the ability to install and operate under the special Bonded Customs Warehouse scheme. In addition, Bagergs is starting to operate as a document storage and digitalisation service. Bagergs has eight warehouses, totalling 33,000 m2 in covered space for storage and 12,200 m2 of general warehouses. 

SaaS mode services

Generix Group, a supplier of processes and services in SaaS mode, was the company selected by Bagergs to implement the warehouse management system. The solution was purchased to control document storage, the General Warehouse and control client inventories. 

The company decided to use the document digitalisation and warehousing service and drew up a call for tenders for a solution adapted to its need. With the data collected, a call for tenders for GED, WMS and Workflow systems, was drawn up, also including consortia of companies. Beyond control of spaces, the WMS can handle requests for inventory management for corporate clients. The Generix Group WMS (Warehouse Management System) met the specifications defined by Bagergs and was thus selected by the company to be the primary system for warehouse space and inventory control, operating via the Web with clients. 

Solution benefits

Currently, the solution is anchored in the control of boxes of documents, and in approximately three months, it will be the management system for the General Warehouse, managing the lease of space, control of inventories and integration with other administrative systems. In the future, we'll be able to integrate with the customs system, initially for controlling goods subject to duties and medicines," says Paulo Guimarães. The Generix Group WMS is fully integrated with ERP SISPRO, which is already in use at the company, and the GED (electronic document management system), also selected in the call for tenders. 

Paulo Guimarães has been working for 28 years at Banrisul, in IT Management & Projects, with seven years' experience as an advisor to the Board of Bagergs on projects linked to system modernisation, automation and integration with the Banrisul controller. 

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About Generix Group WMS
The WMS is the warehouse management system developed by Generix Group, which makes it possible to manage all flows inside and out of the warehouse, regardless of the type of products processed.
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